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Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Under the Gun”

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Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) made up, but the reconciliation was short-lived. That was because Mona (Janel Parrish) returned and told the rest of the Liars about the trailer. Toby had stolen it, given it to A and Spencer knew about it. 

To redeem herself, Spencer decided to track down Mrs. Grunwald, believing the House Mother had known Alison. Toby helped.  It was a little difficult, since there was tension between them. Spencer partly blamed him for her friends all being mad at her.

Their journey took them to Ravenswood.  Ugh, that place was horrible.  Everyone wore shades of gray. As soon as they arrived the screen switched to sepia and there were millions of shots of flying ravens.  We get it, it’s Ravenswood, and it’s eerie.  

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Anyway, Spencer finally found Grunwald, but she denied knowing anything about Alison. Spencer thought she was lying.  Soon, she saw Shawna in town as well.  

When Shawna spotted them, she jumped in Jenna’s car and they sped off.  Toby and Spencer were going to give chase, but then a raven crashed into her windshield.They obviously thought their time was better spent staring at it. 


Aria (Lucy Hale) agreed to help her brother’s friend, Connor, with his English paper.  She was too oblivious to realize the kid was into her, until he planted one on her.  She rejected his advances and sent him home. 

The next day he told the boys locker room they slept together.  Mike was angry at her, but Aria stalked into the locker room and set the guys straight. 

Conner turned into a evil, little jerk and called her a lying slut.  He also said everybody knew she was sleeping with Ezra (Ian Harding). Actually, he said the whole school knew she and Ezra weren’t just “Scrabble buddies”.  Ezra overheard this last part, but simply told Aria she wasn’t allowed to be in there.  It was hella awkward.  Me thinks Connor won’t be getting such a high mark on that paper!

Later, when Ezra tried comforting Aria, she told him he couldn’t be that guy anymore. Not being with Aria seemed to really be taking a toll on Ezra. 

Mike was able to console his sister. He apologized for believing the worst.  He promised to make it right.  Later, he took some spray paint and a baseball bat to Connor’s car.  

Hanna (Ashley Benson) was arrested and placed under parental house arrest. The Marins began to unravel, as they waited to hear from the cops about the ballistic report.  Ashley revealed she had met Wilden that night, and took the gun for protection.  They had a confrontation and Wilden took the gun, so Ashley ran.  She never shot him. 

"A" texted Hanna, so she knew for sure they were being set up.  If Hanna talked, "A" promised both her parents would be arrested.  By the episode’s end, Lt. Tanner was leading Ashley away in cuffs — the gun was a match.  Both Marin women were in tears. Hanna’s dad didn’t look much better.

It also looked like "A" was trying to get Emily in trouble for the murder now too.   

Best Line #1:  “Mo’ Mona, mo’ problems.” –Spencer, after seeing Mona came back to town.

Best Line #2:  “Mona may not be A, but she’s still a B.” –Emily, after Mona revealed the truth about the trailer, and caused a rift in the Liars’ friendship yet again.  

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