Are Angie and Jesse Done For on All My Children?


Angie (Debbi Morgan) tried to comfort Cassandra (Saleisha Stowers), but the only thing her daughter could focus on was the baby growing inside her. No matter how Angie tried to calm her, Cassandra kept saying she wanted to get rid of her unwanted pregnancy.

Dixie (Cady McClain) came in and took over, freeing Angie to seek help from a therapist. Angie poured out her heart, as Cassandra continued to tell Dixie how much she hated the pregnancy and wanted it gone.

The powerful scenes were opposite Bianca (Eden Riegel), Zach (Thorsten Kaye) and Miranda (Denyse Tontz) laying the groundwork for Miranda finding out the identity of her father. It reminded viewers what Bianca had gone through as a rape victim herself.

Jesse (Darnell Williams) told Joe (Ray MacDonnell) about what he’d done to get Cassandra back and the guilt he felt for it. He said he would turn himself in, but wanted to talk to Angie before he did. However, as he was on his way to do just that he was arrested in front of Angie.

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The episode opened with Colby (Brooke Newton) prancing into Jane’s Addiction and ordering an orgasmic...er…organic drink as Celia (Jordan Lane Price) listened at a table.

Pete (Robert Scott Wilson) woke up to sounds in his house. Grabbing the baseball bat, which apparently all geeks have beside their bed, he went to see what was going on and discovered Opal (Jill Larson) in his kitchen.  Colby arrived at Petey’s house with the drinks, while he was showering and sparred with Opal. No love was lost between the two women as they made digs at one another.

Jesse arrived at the police station, where he faced Zach. Angie soon arrived at the station and Jesse explained his actions, even though Joe had already told Angie.

Dimitri (Michael Nader) and Brooke (Julia Barr) talked more about the success of David’s (Vincent Irizarry) interview.

Petey arrived at the Chandler mansion, where Colby and Celia were working on a party for the Miranda Center. He learned they planned to auction off Pine Valley’s most eligible bachelor. He offered his services and then proceeded to tell Celia she was the only women he wanted. Colby, who had been out of the room, overheard Petey’s statement.

Angie brought up Jesse’s past lies and asked him if he really thought she was that fragile. Jesse said they could get through this, but she demanded to know if they could or if she’d be visiting him in prison. Angie then told Jesse they’d been in this situation too many times. The episode ended with Jesse weeping like a willow on a rainy day, as Angie left him at the station.