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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Franco claims to be Jason, and asks to see Sam and Danny.  Patrick plays along, but wants to run tests.  Silas believes Franco is pretending, and thinks Ava put him up to it to prevent Silas from finding out the truth.

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Britt thanks Nikolas for being with her at the Lamaze class.  Liz spots them hugging, and is not thrilled.  Britt realizes Liz is the one who broke Nik’s heart, and won't blame her if she’s regretting it.  

Dante accuses Sonny of breaking his mother’s heart.  Sonny feels Olivia was fine, and didn’t want to hurt her. He informs Dante she left on her own.  Dante knows Sonny can’t be alone, and always need a woman.  He tells Sonny that Connie only came back because she thought she would lose him to Olivia.   Dante feels Connie is not stable, and hasn’t made a good decision.   

Alexis and Sam are discussing the donor matches, when Brad arrives and tells them no match has been found. However, they are still waiting for Franco’s results.  Molly mentions the national registry, but Sam points out Silas already checked and came up empty. Sam mentions her father, and Molly is surprised when Alexis admits she doesn’t know his name.  Molly asks if his name started with a J, and explains about the Ouija board.   

AJ tells Michael that Ava may be making a play for ELQ by working with Franco. Michael reminds his father he needs to stay away from Kiki, and explains what happened with Brad.  

Kiki’s upset when she finds some of her father’s blood on the boathouse floor.  Morgan begins to tell her Sonny was responsible, but changes his mind at the last second. He ends up telling her the second shooter was likely the suspect. Morgan wonders why Kiki cares all of a sudden. She wants to continue to get to know Franco.  

Connie visits Olivia to tell her that she knows about her new relationship with Sonny. Olivia reminds Connie she continuously asked if she was okay with Olivia spending time with Sonny.  Olivia accuses Connie of coming back to Sonny, because of what Maxie said.  Connie loves Sonny, and needs to be back with him. 

Brad tells Britt that Michael knows about them. 

Morgan tells his father he’ll keep his secret, but doesn’t like lying to Kiki. He refuses to accept the hush money.  Sonny is not asking Morgan to lie. He only wants to protect his family from Franco.

Liz runs into Franco, who pretends to be Jason, and it freaks her out.  Liz questions Patrick, who promises they’re running tests. 

Silas tells Sam that Franco is calling himself Jason.  Sam storms off to confront Franco.  

Kiki tries to visit Franco at the hospital, but Ava tells her he’s gone for tests. She wants Kiki to leave.  Sam and Silas get to Franco’s room, and Kiki asks about Franco. Silas wonders who she is, and Kiki admits she's Ava’s daughter.  

Elsewhere in the hospital, Franco lets himself into Danny’s room.