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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Silas is surprised Kiki is Ava’s daughter, and asks who her father is.  Kiki says Franco, and wonders why he would care.  Ava explains Silas is Danny’s doctor, and wants everyone to be tested. She informs him Kiki has already had the procedure done. Kiki wants to wait to see Franco, but Ava convinces her it’s best for her to leave.  Once she’s gone, Silas asks if Kiki is his daughter. 

Sam gets back to Danny’s room, and finds him gone.  She believes Franco has taken him, and leaves to find them.

Laura’s worried about Luke, and Scotty tells her that he got no information out of Tracy.  Scotty wonders if Laura still has feelings for Luke, but Laura swears it’s all about Lulu. She wants Luke to be there when the baby is born.  Scotty becomes angry that Laura is letting Luke into their lives again, and storms off.

Tracy is rereading Luke’s letter, when Monica arrives.  Tracy asks about the transplant, and Monica tells her there are no matches yet.  Monica wonders why Tracy was crying, but Tracy claims its allergies.   Monica accuses Tracy of hiding something, and mentions Alexis told her Tracy was having tests done.  Monica reminds her Tracy can’t be a donor if she’s sick.  Tracy tells Monica she’s fine. However, Monica admits to checking her records, but finding nothing. She thinks Tracy had the records expunged, so as not to look weak to ELQ members.  Monica cares about Tracy, but Tracy assures her there is nothing wrong with her.

Michael wants to talk to Morgan about Kiki to clear the air, so they can go back to being brothers.  Morgan’s upset Kiki found out about the rape before he did.   Michael explains he had a connection with Kiki, because of their fathers. It was easy to tell her.  Michael confesses they kissed. He swears it will never happen again, and knows Kiki cares about Morgan.  Morgan claims Michael is only staying away from Kiki, because they are cousins. Morgan punches Michael in the face!

Carly questions Liz about Franco’s condition.  Liz explains how Franco is pretending to be Jason.  Carly figures it’s all a game to Franco, because he wants to hurt the people Jason loved.  Patrick arrives with the results of the scans, and Carly wants to know exactly what's going on.  

Patrick checks the scan, and finds a brain tumor.  Carly insists on knowing everything, so Patrick tells her the tumor is extensive and in a spot that’s responsible for behavior and emotion.  He believes by the tumor's size, it has been undiagnosed for a long time. 

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Franco takes Danny back to the penthouse, and promises he’s out of harm’s way.

Laura tells Leslie she’s convinced Luke is sick and Tracy likely knows, but won’t talk.  Lesley tells her that she’ll try to get information from the hospital.  Scotty returns, and apologizes to Laura.

Lesley convinces a nurse to let her use the hospital computer.  Monica catches her looking up Luke’s file. 

Michael and Kiki run into each other.  She asks about his face, and he tells her Morgan hit him when confessed to their kiss.  Kiki’s upset her relationship with Morgan is in jeopardy, and says she cares for him.  Michael swears he’d never hurt her.  Kiki wants to salvage things with Morgan.     

Morgan overhears Ava and Silas discussing Kiki.  Ava insists Kiki is Franco’s daughter, and she came along long after Silas was out of the picture.  Silas asks Ava for Kiki's age. Ava tells him she’s 19.

After Silas leaves, Morgan confronts Ava, because he knows Kiki is 21.  Morgan realizes Kiki is not Franco’s daughter. 

Silas discovers Danny is missing.

Patrick tells Liz and Carly the tumor could make Franco delusional and schizophrenic. It could very well make him believe he’s Jason.

Sam gets home, and finds Franco dressed and acting just like Jason.