A Baby Mama, A Hurricane Named Dani or A Catfish: Who Should Matthew Be With on One Life to Live? (POLL)


One Life to Live’s Matthew Buchanan (Robert Gorrie) is a bit of a man-about-town. His baby mama Destiny (Laura Harrier) claims she no longer has feeling for him. However, she almost got into a catfight with Dani (Kelley Missal) over him this week.

Speaking of Hurricane Dani, she claims to have his best interest in heart, but we’ve all seen the way she looks at him. Dani wants Matthew, even if she won’t admit it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she one day channels Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball by telling Matthew, “I want you to make me feel good!”

Then there is Michelle (Amber Skye Noyes), Matthew’s mysterious catfish. It's obvious he's sotted with the fire-haired maiden.

Who should Matthew be with on One Life to Live?