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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Monica demands to know why Leslie is snooping around the hospital records.  Lesley tells Monica she was checking her email, but quickly changes her story and claims she’s consulting on a case.  Monica continues to press the issue, and Lesley finally admits the truth. She is trying to help a worried Laura find out what is wrong with Luke, because she feels Tracy knows the truth. Monica informs her Tracy’s tests don’t exist.  Lesley begs Monica to understand her need to help her daughter, and asks Monica to look the other way for 2 minutes.  Monica reluctantly agrees.  Lesley gets the information, and thanks Monica for her help.  

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Morgan questions whether Franco is, in fact, Kiki’s father.  Ava accuses him of eavesdropping, and stresses he should mind his own business.  Morgan tells Ava that Kiki has made her peace with having Franco as a father, and is starting to care for him. He feels she needs to know the truth.  Ava believes if Kiki knew the truth, it would send her into Michael’s arms. Morgan claims Kiki is with him, but Ava suggests he has his reason to keep quiet, as does she.  She feels its best in the long run if Kiki never finds out the truth.

Patrick explains Franco has a tumor, but Carly doesn’t believe it.  She appeals to Liz, and mentions Franco's past of taking over the computer system. She believes he likely did it again. She feels Franco lives to mess with everyone, and swears she’ll get the truth out of Franco.   

Franco tells Sam he’s Jason, and fought to get back to her.  Sam wants nothing to do with him, so Franco forces a kiss on her.  She breaks it off, and slaps him. Sam warns him that she’ll kill him if he touches her again.  Franco stops her from calling the police.  Sam wants to go and see Danny, but Franco refuses to let her. 

Felix finds Michael drinking at Jake’s, and offers to listen to his problems.  They end up talking about Brad, and Michael tells him about Brad’s offer. Felix apologizes for all gay men.  Felix tells Michael the best way to get over a girl is to get another girl, and introduces him to a couple.  

Kiki’s looking for Morgan, but finds AJ.  He wants to talk to her about Michael, and mentions he knows what's going on between them. AJ worries about an incest scandal, which upsets Kiki.  She informs him Morgan only knows about the first kiss, and she needs to do damage control.  AJ wonders if she and Morgan are truly meant to be, especially if Michael so easily distracted her.  Kiki assures AJ she cares for Morgan.

Silas finds Danny gone, and the nurse tells him Sam left to find him.  Carly arrives looking for Franco, and tells Silas she believes Franco is faking it. She brings up his history of playing mind games.  Silas informs her Franco took Danny and left. Silas asks Carly where Franco would go if he thought he was Jason.  

Sam pulls her gun out of the closet, and warns Franco she’ll kill him.  Franco manages to get the gun from her. 

Liz and Patrick talk about Britt and her new friendship with Nikolas.  She wants him to talk to Nikolas, but Patrick doesn’t want to get involved.  

Morgan finds Kiki at the house, and proposes.  

Silas and Carly get to the penthouse, and find Sam on the floor of the trashed room. Franco is nowhere to be found.