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Dexter Recap: “Scar Tissue”

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Dexter’s (MichaelC. Hall) side investigation of the Brain Surgeon killer led him to A.J. Yates, a former patient of Vogel (Charlotte Rampling).  Yates had a surgical scar on his head, which exactly matched the incision on the BSK’s victims. 

Dexter confronted Vogel about what she did to Yates.  She said there’d been a lesion on his brain, and she thought it could have been making him a psycho. Vogel recommended it be removed, but stopped treating him before his operation. 

Dexter went to Yates’ home, and found a closet full of trophies—women’s shoes.  Dexter still didn’t know if he was the BSK. He was also oblivious to the fact that Yates was in his secret underground kill room watching Dexter break in and call Vogel via security cameras. In addition to this madness, he had a young women tied up down there.

Dexter got forensic evidence Yates was killing women, and came back later to kill him.  However, Yates had cleared out by the time Dexter returned.  Dexter found the secret room and knew Yates had seen him earlier. He also discovered his mortally wounded victim.  Dexter dropped her off at the hospital, and brought Vogel to the bunker. 

Dexter and Vogel found evidence Yates was the BSK, and he was obsessed with Vogel. He had been spying on her.  Dexter also saw Vogel was still studying him, and angrily told Vogel once he killed Yates their relationship was through.  I can’t imagine what rock Dexter was living under, if he didn’t realize he was still one of Vogel’s subjects.  She’s obsessed with him. 

Dexter later lured Yates into a trap, but Yates outsmarted him and got away.  When Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) visited him later, he decided to put Yates on hold to catch up with his sister. 

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Vogel was still treating Debra, and it looked like Debra was starting to get past the horrible thing she’d done.  Vogel even showed her one of the DVD’s she’d had of their father talking about getting Dexter set up with The Code.  Vogel advised Debra to forgive herself, since she needed to kill LaGauerta to protect Dexter.  If she killed Dexter, she’d be worse off because she loves him. 

Later, Debra snuck into Vogel’s office and watched more videos of Vogel and her father.  She chose the one right before he died.  Harry told Vogel they’d made a mistake, and he couldn’t live with himself after seeing Dexter’s kill ritual.  Vogel thought Dexter was perfect, because of course she did.  This was the first time Debra realized her father likely killed himself. 

A calm Deb went to the station, and made peace with Quinn. She also asked Dexter to go for a drive with her.  They seemed to be rekindling their old bond, at least to Dexter.  She asked him about Harry’s death, and confirmed he’d too learned it was a suicide because of his part in what Dexter did. 

Then, Debra said their dad had only got it “half right,” and drove the car into a lake!  Fortunately, or unfortunately, a nearby fisherman dove in and carried an unconscious Deb to shore.  When Deb came to, she saw her brother going under. 

After everything, she couldn’t bear the thought of Dexter leaving her (or maybe just her killing another person?).  She dove in, and pulled Dexter to safety.  I can’t wait to see how awkward their next encounter will be.  However, maybe now, Debra will finally truly be able to forgive herself.

It was a good episode, and what a way to end it! The ending could be classified as cruel, almost.  I need to see what happens ASAP.  I received the first four screeners a while ago, and have been basically dying to see what comes next.

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