General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Carly begs Franco to give Danny to her, because he needs to get back to the hospital.  Franco-Jason thinks Evil Franco got to her just like he did with Sam. However, Carly talks to him like he’s Jason, and swears she’d never lie to him. She stresses he can trust her.  

Monica is certain Franco wouldn’t hurt Danny if he thinks he’s Jason.  Sam wants to leave to find Danny, but Silas warns she should rest.  Dante arrives, and informs them the police and Carly are out looking for Danny.  Monica’s annoyed Carly is in the picture, but Liz and Sam both think Carly may be able to find Franco in his current warped state of mind. 

Laura tells Tracy she knows Tracy wasn’t sick, and Luke was the real patient. She also has the results of the tests. Laura demands Tracy tell her everything. Tracy explains about Helena and the possible connection to Jerry Jacks.  Laura’s angry Tracy let a sick and dying Luke leave on his own, but Tracy tells her that she tried to go with him. Laura decides Luke needs her, and she’s going to find him.  

Alexis and Nik get back to Danny’s room, and find him missing. They don't panic, and assume Sam has him somewhere.  They talk about possible donors, and Alexis' anger over not remembering anything about Sam’s father. Nik asks her about the J name, and if it rings any bells. 

TJ runs into Taylor, who kisses him.  He breaks it off, and tells her that he just wants them to be friends.  Taylor is angry he’s still hung up on Molly.  She decides she wants a drink, and flirts with a guy to get her one.  As their leaving together, TJ warns the guy she’s underage. The guy leaves, and Taylor gets angry again.  She wonders why TJ doesn’t like her enough. 

Molly explains to Rafe the chemo isn’t working for Danny, and no one has been a match yet.  She explains what little they know about Sam’s father.  Rafe asks about the letter J, and the only person Molly can think of is Jerry. However, she feels Alexis would have remembered him.  

Molly and Rafe end up at Jake’s, and see TJ and Taylor hugging.  

Franco decides to trust Carly, and hands her the baby.  Liz calls, and Carly tells her that she has Danny. Before she can leave, Franco decides he’s going to shoot himself. Carly tells Franco he’s a good person, and shouldn't pull the trigger.  Franco knows he hurts people, and points out he just shot Liz.  Carly tells him that she just spoke to Liz, and she’s fine.  Franco shouts his head hurts, and he wants to end things.  

Dante uses Liz’s phone to track Carly down. They discover Franco and Carly are at the bridge. Dante heads out with Sam and Silas in tow.  

Monica and Liz get back to Danny’s room, and update Alexis and Nikolas on the current situation.

Carly explains to Franco he has a brain tumor that’s causing him pain and confusion, but he has a good heart.  She begs him to put the gun down and not end his life.

Dante and the police arrive.  Carly hands the baby to Sam, but begs Dante not to shoot Franco.   She pleads with Franco to trust her, and give her the gun.  Franco wonders if she’s saving him, and then breaks down in tears.