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Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Crash & Burn, Girl”

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Toby and Caleb teamed up to save their girlfriends by solving Wilden’s murder, and catching A.  They bribed a ridiculously hot private airport worker to look up the pilot information of the plane from the night of the cabin fire. 

This being Pretty Little Liars, the employee immediately made a shady phone call.  They go back and confront the guy, who says CeCe was behind him fudging the flight plans.  Then he fled, but Caleb had taken his phone.  Caleb hacked it and found a New York number they thought might be Cece’s.  

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When they told Spencer everything, she thought CeCe had killed Wilden, and was framing Ashley to cover her tracks.  Later, it turned out this guy may or may not be dating Red Coat, who may or may not be CeCe.

Emily (Shay Mitchell), Aria (Lucy Hale) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) closed rank around Hanna (Ashley Benson) to help her through her mom being framed and arrested for murder.  Things looked really bad for Ashley, and Hanna was a mess.  Emily, Aria and Spencer then broke into Wilden’s apartment because they’re incredibly dumb, except they thought they were going to find evidence to help clear Ashley. 

Aria was pretty hilarious after she found Wilden’s porn stash and was super creeped out.  They also found a box of (now rotted) steaks—a gift from A.  Where they really supposed to meet up for a barbeque? 


The case against Ashley was really grim.  Hanna tried to convince her mom to plead guilty to self defense, so she’d get 20 years instead of life.  Ashley refused to admit guilt when she was being framed. 

Emily started a costly new kind of therapy for her bum shoulder, at her mom’s insistence, in order to try and avoid an even more costly surgery.  She also got her mom fired from her police job, after she stole Wilden’s apartment key from her desk.

A caught them snooping in Wilden’s and promised revenge, of course.  Later, someone drove a car through the front of Emily’s living room, right where her mom had been standing. 

Aria saw Connor’s wrecked car, and suspected Mike of vandalizing it.  He denied it.  The school got the police involved, and the principal inappropriately questioned Aria about her brother’s guilt, but she covered for him.  Connor and his family filed a police report and pushed to get Mike expelled.  Aria thought A was setting her brother up, just like Ashley.

The principal was going to expel Mike just on Connor and his father’s accusation.  However, Fitz learned he’d questioned Aria about her brother’s medical history and confronted him over the impropriety.  He basically strong-armed/blackmailed the principal into leaving Mike alone, who’d maintained his innocence throughout the whole ordeal.  Aria was touched by Ezra’s gesture. 

Best Line:  “Yeah, sure it is, and my name’s Pocahontas.” –Caleb after Toby found out the mysterious pilot’s name was supposed to be “John Smith.”   

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