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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Laura tells Scotty she’s going off to find Luke, and explains the situation. Scotty reminds her they’re supposed to be sharing a life together, so Laura asks him to go with her. Scotty is running for District Attorney, and wants to build a life in Port Charles.  He asks about her partnership with Lucy, and worries about their marriage.  Laura asks if he’s giving her an ultimatum, and declares she values their marriage.  She feels her kids need closure, and promises to come back to him if he waits for her.   

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Kiki visits Michael to tell him about her engagement.  Michael doesn’t understand how Morgan went from furious to fiancé.  Kiki tells him that he needs to move on, and is surprised when Penny comes out of the bedroom.  Michael introduces Kiki as his cousin.  Kiki storms off.  

Morgan tells Ava that Kiki’s gone to the hospital, and she gets upset that Kiki may run into Silas. Morgan decides they need to get married sooner rather than later.   

Felix accuses Brad of blackmailing Michael, and scheming with Britt. He believes it’s about the paternity.  Felix threatens to tell Monica, but Brad says he’ll tell Monica about Michael kissing Kiki.  Morgan overhears, and tells them he’s getting married.    

Sam thanks Carly for saving Franco and Danny, but wonders why Carly didn’t let Franco shoot himself.  Silas explains Franco could be a match. 

Patrick explains to Sabrina about Franco’s tumor, and his concern for the procedure.  Sabrina reassures him that he’s the man for the job.  

Diane visits Franco, and is upset at the trouble he caused overnight.  Franco insists on seeing Carly, and Diane finds her.  Diane doesn’t understand why Franco would snap. Silas tells her about the tumor, and Diane's tune changes. She's happy, because she can use the tumor to help Franco’s defense.   

Sam thanks Silas for staying with her, and making sure Danny’s okay.  Ava sees them holding hands, and interrupts. When Sam leaves, Ava wants to make sure Silas understands Kiki is Franco’s daughter.  Silas tells her about Franco’s tumor.  Ava reminds Silas he swore earlier Franco was faking, but Silas assures her that he still doesn’t believe anything she’s told him.  

Franco asks Carly what happened at the bridge, and if he hurt Danny.  He wonders why Carly stopped him from killing himself.  He asks why she told him she loves him.  Carly admits she was talking to Jason.  Carly tells Franco he has a brain tumor.  

Sabrina stops Felix from punching Brad.  Felix tells Sabrina about Brad’s blackmail, and deduces it must be about the paternity test.  Felix goes to Michael to ask for his help. 

Patrick explains to Franco if he doesn’t have the surgery, he will die. However, the surgery could kill him as well.  Franco agrees to the procedure.  Sabrina gives Patrick her mother’s stethoscope for good luck.  

Kiki runs into Morgan by Franco’s room, and is shocked to find out he’s having surgery.  Carly assures her Patrick is the best, even if it’s a risky surgery.  Carly is shocked when Morgan announces he and Kiki are getting married. 

Ava asks Franco to sign some papers before his surgery.  He wonders what they are, and she tells him they’re a proxy to vote his ELQ shares.  She asks him to trust her, because she has his best interest at heart. Ava helps him sign. 

As Franco is being taken into surgery, Brad tells Silas and Sam that Franco is a match.