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Michelle Stafford on The Young and the Restless' Phyllis: "I'm Completely Done"

Michelle Stafford doesn't seem too worried about Sony and CBS Daytime recasting the iconic role of Phyllis Summers. The former The Young and the Restless superstar sat down for an exit interview with Soap Opera Digest's Stephanie Sloane, where she got real about why she decided to quit the soap and what's next for her. Here's a snippet:


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Digest: How would you feel if the show recast you?

Stafford: You know what? Let's be honest with this. I absolutely think they will if they haven't already done it. They are just going to be quiet about it. And I say this because the character is so instrumental in the show, and I really, really take it as a compliment that they don't want to lose the character. The character of Phyllis is such a driver of people's stories. She is so instrumental in how they are writing the story now, very instrumental in Jack's life, Avery's life, Summer's life and Nick's life. Phyllis created conflict. This is a soap opera. As a producer, I see how they can't lose the character. I'm pretty sure they will recast. They may, as a courtesy, ask if I wanted to come back; I don't know, they may not. It's okay with me. It doesn't matter because I am done. I'm completely done. And I'm not upset if they recast, I totally would understand. Even when I called Angelica [McDaniel, head of CBS Daytime], I said, 'You will probably recast.' And she said, 'No, no, no. We won't recast.' And I said, 'Well, I have some ideas, if you are interested.'

For more of The Staff's revealing interview, pick up the August 5 issue of Soap Opera Digest.