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Colby Supports Cassandra on All My Children


AJ (Eric Nelsen) played Tickle Me Elmo with Miranda (Denyse Tontz) until she demanded he stop or she’d upchuck.  I just don’t buy them as a romantic pairing. At the rate their friendship is going, one of these days I fully expect to see him braiding her hair while she decides what to dress him up in.

The two ended up on the beach, where AJ rubbed sunscreen on her. More tickling ensued, and they were soon interrupted by Heather (Stevie Steel) and some girls. Later, AJ went to get ice cream with Heather and left Miranda by herself. Of course, Hunter (Daniel Covin) and one of his friends showed up. The two started bullying Miranda about the size of her breasts and being a lesbian. All My Children REALLY needs to work the dialogue for its bullies. It is so stilted it's uncomfortable to watch.

Petey (Robert Scott Wilson) and Celia (Jordan Lane Price) shared a moment, until Colby (Brooke Newton) interrupted them.  Brooke pulled Celia away to go back to the studio.

JR (Ryan Bittle) stopped by the Talk Tempo set to offer his services to Brooke (Julia Barr). Brooke didn’t seem enthused at first, but then admitted she liked it. After he left to make the sizzle reel he suggested, Dimitri (Michael Nader) arrived and questioned the decision.

JR quickly started throwing his weight around with one of the show’s staffers. Dimitri saved the poor man from JR’s wrath, and mollified the Chandler heir.  Dimitri suggested he work on the sizzle reel from home.  However, when JR returned home, he struggled with the reel. JR took his frustration out on his computer.

Billy Clyde Tuggle (Matthew Cowles) prepared for his photo to be taken.

Petey showed up and talked to Colby about the impression Celia had of them. Colby played coy.  She asked him if he wanted to explore the “benefits” of their relationship. Petey turned her down and left Jane’s Addiction. David (Vincent Irizarry) showed up and asked if Colby would be interested in getting a little retribution. She was immediately onboard.

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Colby recorded a video of David after they had sex, as she pretended to be Brooke with Talk Tempo.  Petey interrupted them by calling with news about Cassandra.  Colby started to have a bit of a freak out. David asked her what was going on, and offered to give her a ride.

Angie (Debbi Morgan) left Cassandra’s (Sal Stowers) room and ran into Petey. She told him that her daughter wasn’t up for visitors.

Opal (Jill Larson) was at Jane’s Addiction telling Jane about how evil David is, and gossiping. Brooke walked in and ordered an “industrial size” coffee. As she listened to Opal gossiping, Brooke had an idea and asked Opal to stop by the studio later in the day.

Joe (Ray MacDonnell) showed up at the former Cortlandt mansion where he discovered Billy Clyde Tuggle was the new owner.  Tuggle wanted to make a donation to the hospital without anyone knowing.

Colby arrived at the hospital and quickly tried to cheer Cassandra up. It didn’t work at first, until Colby mentioned Cassandra was her only friend in high school.  Cassandra let Colby give her a makeover, and liked it until she saw herself in the mirror and freaked out. She said she was ugly, unworthy and had the “thing thing inside me.” She told Colby how she was raped, and now pregnant. Cassandra said she just wanted to die. She told Colby she wanted an abortion, and asked if Colby hated her for it. Colby didn’t hate her; she loved her.

When Dixie (Cady McClain) saw the check, she wanted to know who the mysterious donor was. Joe didn’t say anything, but he wasn’t good at keeping the secret either. He told Dixie the donor wanted atonement. Dixie quickly put two and two together.  She later sent him a letter thanking him for helping AJ.

Opal stopped by Talk Tempo where Brooke offered her a job on the red carpet of the upcoming event.