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EJ to Adrienne on Days of Our Lives: "Do You Feel Safe?"

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Brady (Eric Martsolf) asked Kristen (Eileen Davidson) if she’d moved on with someone else. The two spent a considerable amount of time talking about their relationship and if they could grow close again. Considering how gullible Brady can be, it isn’t a question of if, but when.


Sonny (Freddie Smith) demanded to know if his mother had turned in the video of Sami (Alison Sweeney). Adrienne started to respond, but EJ (James Scott) unleashed on her. Justin (Wally Kurth) got between EJ and Adrienne and told everyone to calm down. He told Sonny and Will (Chandler Massey) to go home and he’d be by later. He told his wife she shouldn’t leave.

Justin and Adrienne argued about what she had done. He asked her why she sabotaged him.  Adrienne pushed back, saying she had tried to tell him. He said she didn’t want him to know and instead went to the police. Adrienne warned he wasn’t rational when it came to the case.  She told him she was trying to keep their son out of prison and then demanded to know why he hadn’t been.

Adrienne revealed she’d cut a deal for Sonny to keep him from being prosecuted. Adrienne realized  EJ, Sami and Sonny had all kept the existence of the video tape hidden from him. Adrienne alleged Sami and EJ were willing to put Sonny at risk.

Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and Theresa (Jen Lilley) sparred. I’m surprised Jennifer hasn’t already fired the girl, because she seems more than a little annoyed by Salem’s latest resident. Being Kayla's (Mary Beth Evans) niece must carry a lot of weight.

At the Horton family home, Abigail (Kate Mansi) grilled JJ (Casey Moss) about how he met Theresa. He told her to back off.  Their mother arrived a bit later, before rushing off to the DiMera mansion to talk to Kristen. That Jennifer sure can be a busybody, can’t she? She's almost as bad as Maggie (Suzanne Rogers)

Justin arrived at Will and Sonny’s apartment and told them to tell him everything about the video. Will explained the long, convoluted story about how he was the one who shot EJ and everything that happened  since. It practically blew Justin’s mind. I can only imagine if someone tuned in to DAYS for the first time on Wednesday and heard Will’s explanation. 

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Justin told Will and Sonny to each give him a dollar so they were talking to their attorney.

EJ stalked Adrienne to her doorstep. 

EJ: “Hello Adrienne.”

Adrienne: “Hello EJ.”

EJ: “How are you?”

Adrienne: “Fine, you?”

EJ: “Oh I’m well. Thank you. Do you feel safe?”

He then walked off without saying anything more. That was one epic scene.