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Perkie's Observations: Will Franco DIE Before He Can Save Danny on General Hospital?

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Sam and Silas are thrilled to hear Franco is a match, until Brad tells them Franco is in surgery and could die. Silas tries to stop the procedure, but it’s already in progress. Silas reminds a tearful Sam that Patrick successfully performed the same procedure on Jason.


Tracy accuses Ava of planning a coup, but informs her 15 percent is meaningless against Tracy and AJ.  Ava says she has a new plan. Franco is in surgery and she has control of his shares. Ava says she has the power to vote Franco’s shares while he’s alive and that she could vote a "No Confidence" against AJ and have him ousted.  She tells Tracy it can only happen while Franco is alive and the clock is ticking.  

Carly declares Morgan and Kiki will get married over her dead body, then apologizes to Kiki, seeing as they’re waiting for Franco to survive the surgery. Carly wonders if Kiki accepted because of the stress she’s under. Kiki says she said yes clearly. Carly is upset with Ava for giving her consent and decides to have it out with her.  

Liz warns Nikolas to stay away from Britt. She explains how she scared Emma and announced her pregnancy at the Nurse’s Ball.

Nikolas insists he’s just friends with Britt. He doesn’t understand why Liz cares, since she’s with AJ.

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Liz says not to compare the two. AJ is a changed man. Britt’s misdeeds are recent. Nikolas accuses Liz of being jealous.  Liz leaves AJ a message that she needs to talk to him.  

Felix asks Michael to help him get information from Brad about the paternity test.  At first Michael is not interested, but Felix manages to talk him into it.  

Taylor complains to Britt about TJ’s lack of interest in her.  Britt tells her about meeting Nikolas and that he’s a friend. 

Brad stops by to give Britt her proper lab results. She isn't happy he’s talking about this in public and asks about Michael.  At that moment, Brad gets a call from Michael, asking him to come over.  Brad is thrilled ,until Britt points out it’s a trap. She orders Brad to go and find out who put Michael up to it.  

TJ tells Molly he can’t stop thinking about her. She says she saw him and Taylor together at Jake’s. He assures her they are just friends. Molly reminds him he slept with Taylor. 

TJ wishes he could take it back and wonders if he’s lost Molly forever.  Molly says she needs time to think, and won’t be able to do that with everything going on with Danny. 

Kiki suddenly has second thoughts. She wonders if Carly is right. Morgan manages to convince her it will all work out. — he’s there for her and they will live happily ever after.  

Felix hides in the back when Brad arrives at Michael’s.  

Nikolas walks into Kelly’s. but ignores Britt. TJ walks in and Taylor asks why he’s so happy. She isn't thrilled to hear he and Molly may be getting back together.  

Carly confronts Ava about giving her blessing to Morgan and Kiki. Ava claims she loves Kiki and wants her happy.

Carly thinks what Ava loves is the stock certificates.  Ava denies that. Carly points out Ava has been nowhere near the hospital, despite her claim to be with Franco. Carly is determined to find out what Ava’s secret is. 

Sam prays to Jason to look out for Franco this one time and to be his guardian angel. She begs for a sign. Silas finds her crying on the floor and helps her up.  Sam begs him to stay.