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Is Dani Falling for Arturo on One Life to Live?

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Dorian (Robin Strasser) threw David’s (Tuc Watkins) clothes into the foyer. Meanwhile, Matthew (Robert Gorrie) and Michelle (Amber Skye Noyes) spent more time in bed this week on One Life to Live.

After tearing up the sheets with Michelle, Matthew went to the office. There he found Clint (Jerry verDorn) in pretty bad shape over what had transpired with Viki (Erika Slezak). Matthew told his uncle he needed to get ready for a Man of the Year photo shoot.

Viki opened her front door to find Dorian there. The frenemies were planning the Man of the Year Gala together. The polite-yet-antagonistic banter between Dorian and Viki  was greatly appreciated, as usual. They truly are the cornerstone of One Life to Live.

Of course Dorian made Viki’s problems with Clint all about her. She told Viki she’d thrown David out. The conversation then turned to the Pellegrino Fund debacle. Viki let it be known she believed Dorian was behind it. Of course Dorian denied the accusation.

Hurricane Dani (Kelley Missal) demanded her mother talk to her, so she could help Tea (Florencia Lozano) with her panic attacks. Dani told her mom they needed to find something to mellow her out.

Bo (Robert S. Woods) had more questions for Arturo (Paolo Seganti). The cop wanted to know if Arturo ever consider he may have been a mark.

Jack (Andrew Trischitta) wanted some “help” from his teacher, but Shaun’s (Sean Ringgold) lurking presence put the kibosh on Jack’s hopes.

Todd (Roger Howarth) and Blair (Kassie DePaiva) continued to reconnect.  As they were getting dressed, Jack stormed in to tell Todd off for having him followed by Shawn.

Blair told Jack she and Todd were getting back together. She said he needed to accept what was happening. Jack said she needed to accept that he wouldn’t.

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David was at the TV studio, where he spent more than a little time fantasizing about his future. Jo (Marnie Schulenburg) arrived and the two talked about David’s reality show project.

Jo suggested a show featuring David and Dorian, but David revealed  he and Dorian were headed for divorce. Jo then proposed a divorce reality show from David’s point of view. Of course that was enough to stroke David’s ego and he got onboard. I wonder if Dorian is Jo's real target in all of this?

Natalie (Melissa Archer) told her mom she thought what Clint had done was romantic. Viki then compared Clint's actions with her to his interference in Natalie and John's relationship.

Jeffrey (Corbin Bleu), Matthew and Michelle shared a pizza. The conversation quickly spiraled downhill, as Jeffrey and Michelle made digs at one another.

Dani met Arturo at Shelter for dinner. As they were looking over the menu, Tea walked in. Dani tried to hide behind the menu. She then snuck out of Shelter and met Arturo outside. 

Dani told the older man how her mother had a panic attack and wondered what would cause them. Arturo told Dani that his mother liked to say she hadn’t slept since he was born. Dani was surprised, because of his age. They joked about him being so much older.

The two strolled through Llanview and he gave her a pair of earrings, “no strings attached.”  He also asked her to go with him to the gala. There was a lot of chemistry between the characters, but I can’t help wondering if this is all a ploy on his part.

Dani wasn’t the only one at Shelter, Dorian showed up trying to get Rama (Shenaz Treasury) fired. Cutter (Josh Kelly) called Dorian’s bluff and said he wouldn’t find Rama.  Cutter later met with Natalie and the two talked.