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Ratings, Rants and Raves: B&B and GH Spike; How to Get The Young and the Restless Back to Business

CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful continued its meteoric ascend in the Nielsens, while ABC's General Hospital showed signs of ending its ratings slump the week of July 15-19. Sony sudsers The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives didn't have nearly as much to blog home about. (Source: Soap Opera Network)

B&B was up 87,000 total viewers (+456,000 year-to-date). B&B also went up one-tenth of a point in households and held steady in the key female demos.


The Bold and the Beautiful could have been renamed: "A Logan Woman Scorned" the week in question, as Katie Logan Spencer (Heather Tom) ousted her cheating husband Bill (Don Diamont) from atop his global publishing empire. Teaming with her Sapphic sister-in-law Karen (Joanna Johnson), Katie combined her one percent of Spencer Publications with Karen's 50 percent to create a majority. Dollar Bill was kicked out on his smug ass and B&B created the kind of soap operatic drama that no doubt has Bill Bell smiling down from the heavens.


GH went up 68,000 total viewers (+72,000 year-to-date) and went up one-tenth of a point in households. Among key female demos, GH remained the same from the previous week.

In story, a heartbroken Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) moved out of the Corinthos compound, so Sonny (Maurice Benard) could take back up with that daffy, ding-dong Connie (Kelly Sullivan). Ma Falcon-Cresti wasn't at Dante's (Dominic Zamprogna) long enough to make a decent ziti, before she was having hilarious visions of Maxie (Kirsten Storms) literally stabbing Lulu (Emme Rylan) in the back.

AJ (Sean Kanan) and Carly (Laura Wright) compared notes about Ava Jerome (Maura West), while the worst detective on the eastern seaboard, Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson), tried to get information from Ava's gallery girl. 

Later in the week, Spin found a role he was much more suited to — Maxie's stand-in birthing partner. Prince Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) of Cambridge, I mean Cassadine, did the honors for Britch (Kelly Thiebaud), when Patrick (Jason Thompson) was called away on a medical case.

Silas (Michael Easton) had plenty of questions for Ava about Franco (Roger Howarth) and Kiki (Kristen Alderson), namely if he was really the girl's father.

Morgan (Bryan Craig) overheard Ava lying like a platinum blonde rug about Kiki's age. He then surmised the long-haired, soft-spoken doc must be his gal pal's real daddy, as opposed to the lead singer of a Roxette cover band, whom Ava was trying to pass off as the sperminator.

Scotty (Kin Shriner) was pissed about Laura's (Genie Francis) concern for Luke (Anthony Geary). Lesley (Denise Alexander) faced off with that home-wrecking ho Monica (Leslie Charleson) at the hospital. Michael (Chad Duell) and Felix (Marc Samuel) cemented their straight/gay alliance at the Floating Rib. Oh and Franco had a brain tumor, which explains away all the bat poop crazy stuff he's done. 


DAYS fell 34,000 total viewers over the previous week, but was still up year-to-date by 38,000. The NBC sudser also went down one-tenth of a point in households, among women 18-49 and among W18-34.

Bristen (Eric Martsolf and Eileen Davidson) inched closer to a reunion the week in question. That didn't stop Lady DiMera from trotting around town with the video of her and Eric (Greg Vaughan) having sex. Lucky for Salem's padre, Kristen kept getting detained from one-on-one time with the Bishop.

Rafe (Galen Gering) was awake, but he wasn't penetrating Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow), so that was a bust. Gabi (Camila Banus) and Nick (Blake Berris) decided to get an anulment. Will (Chandler Massey) fretted about the new gay boi being all up on his man. Adrienne (Judi Evans) and Sami (Alison Sweeney) faced off.  Theresa (Jen Lilley) continued to drive those uptight Horton-Deverauxs to distraction. Abe (James Reynolds) was sniffing around JJ's (Casey Moss) growing dope-peddling enterprise and of course, Dannifer was all angsty and torn apart, like a pair of teenage lovers in a Bronte novel.

DAYS tapes so far in advance that it really makes no sense to offer quick fixes, but I will do so at any rate. Get Rafe out of that hospital bed and on top of Kate! I don't get why the soap benched such a smoking-hot pairing. It's no wonder Gering gets a bit testy on Twitter about his storylines!

Sami vs. Adrienne has the potential to be epic. I pray this feud continues well into the New Year. Bring on the Battle of the Salem Blondes!

Y&R was down 101,000 total viewers over the previous week, but was up year-to-date by 164,000. Y&R also dipped one-tenth of a point among households and among W18-49.


Dylan McAvoy's (Steve Burton) engaging, sexy, friend Stitch (Sean Carrigan) continued to show more personality than Dylan has since the day he arrived in town. Stitch encouraged Dylan to be honest with Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) about Afghanistan, because we all know how important honesty is to lying, lady rapists. Did Sheila Carter ever have conversations with war vets at coffee shops?

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Sharon's (Sharon Case) cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs behind acted surprised when Nick (Joshua Morrow) told her Summer (Hunter King) wasn't his kid after all. Jack (Peter Bergman) struggled to stay sober, due to the news he was a pappy again. I wonder how many times Keemo has caused him to want to pour a bourbon and branch? Later, he hauled off and popped Nick across the face.

Summer told Kyle (Hartley Sawyer) they were siblings. He promptly messed his pants and rushed off to find some wet naps, or an acting coach.

Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Tyler (Redaric Williams) had a hot connection, which of course the show won't do anything with, because they don't have a clue about what to do with Abby or Noah (Robert Adamson). Jill (Jess Walton) wandered around town looking for people she recognized, or a storyline worthy of her legend.

Gloria (Judith Chapman) ho-checked Lauren (Tracey Bregman) over Carmine (Marco Dapper). Jeff (Ted Shackelford) blackmailed Chelsea. Chloe (Liz Hendrickson) continued to help Billy (Billy Miller) dance the 12-step Tango. Nick told his hair-tastrophe of a big sister not to give up on her man just yet and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) followed a fruit loop to the graveyard.

Y&R needs to take a page from GH circa April. It's time to get the vets out front and center and tell six months' worth of kick-ass story for them, if this show is ever going to get back on track.

Eff what focus groups are saying. Eff the coveted younger viewer. Dust off Melody Thomas Scott, Eric Braeden, Jess Walton and Peter Bergman NOW!

Reignite Victor vs. Jack. Ever since the new regime took over, that epic feud has been forgotten about. No one needs to see any more stories of Victor and Adam (Michael Muhney) fighting over who needs the bigger cock ring. It's boring!

Also, ditch Jack and Adam's friendship. It's b.s. Line up the Newmans vs. the Abbotts on opposite teams. Do any of the people running this show watch the new Dallas? No one wants to see John Ross playing Connect Four with Cliff Barnes.

Instead of Jack apologizing to Victor for Adam making a fuss at Nikki's MS fundraiser, the Ole Smilin' Jack I know and love would have donated a million dollars more than Victor to steal the Mustache's thunder at his own event—and endear himself to Nikki—amid thunderous applause.

Speaking of Jack, Victor and Nikki, uh, hello, Jack was more than a bit peeved when Victor caused Nikki to miscarry his and Nikki's child two decades ago. You mean to tell me all of this mess happening with Summer wouldn't lead to Victor and Jack stating the obvious about what this means? Jack finally evened the score—or so he thinks—in snatching a Newman heir from Mister Mumbles! It isn't enough to have Victor mention this to Nicholas, or Nikki to whisper concern for Jack in passing. These are epic beats that should be played.

The business storylines on this soap opera—which was once known for business storylines—suck donkey balls. Though to be fair, the only soap doing a good business story is The Bold and the Beautiful. Sorry, GH, I'm not feeling All My Newbies & Young 'Uns trying to snatch ELQ. Even the great Maura West can only do so much.

I've said this before, but it's worth repeating, there is no way in soap opera hell Victor would allow Jabot to get a new fashion division off the ground, without launching a competing brand. Nikki Newman is a former supermodel, famed socialite and style icon. Why hasn't Victor rushed a Nikki Newman Limited Collection into production, as Adam balks at the idea of spending millions on a vanity project for his stepmother? 

Victor could lure Victoria and Nicholas back to the fold to run the new company alongside their mother, thus creating a business story that is more than Victor, Adam and (insert newbie interloper from General Hospital).

I know Lauren has a lot going on with her family in crisis and all, but with Jabot getting into fashion, why hasn't Fenmore's been instrumental in the storytelling for this arc? Bill Bell set it up so that the rival luxury brands in Genoa City had to jockey for shelf space at Lauren's elite department store chain. Where are those elements to the show?

In real life, a sex scandal, or scandal of any kind, can ruin a brand. Ask Anthony Weiner and Paula Deen. Why hasn't Fenmore's Department Store chain's bottom line taken a hit, due to Laurmine's sex tape controversy? Why hasn't Carmine hired a Gloria Alred-type attorney to represent him and help him cash in on his 15 minutes of fame? I'd rather see Leslie (Angell Conwell) doing something to this effect, than being bogged down in that snore-tastic mystery blogger madness.

Neil (Kristoff St. John) is old friends with the Baldwins. His girlfriend serving as go-to barrister—and maybe more—for the man trying to ruin their lives should be causing organic conflict for the couple, but noooo, we have to wait and see why Perez Hilton is interested in a black family in Wisconsin!

Jill is so concerned about Chancellor Industries, she's forgotten she owns half of Fenmore's Department Stores. Have her sell her half to Adam. I suspect Muhney and Bregman would crackle opposite one another. Imagine Adam trying to fold Lauren's birthright into the Newman portfolio, as the scrappy retail queen fights him with everything she has.

If Michael and Lauren were to divorce and he walked away with a percentage of the company, it would put Lauren in jeopardy of losing control of Fenmore's to Adam. Look folks, all you have to do is watch The Bold and the Beautiful!

I've harped about this before as well, but Jill belongs at Jabot, with Jack and Billy. Pencil in some new financial crisis for Jabot and have Jill use the money from her sale of Fenmore's stock to bail Jack out, reclaiming a sizeable chunk of her ex-husband's cosmetics firm.

If you'll recall, Jill snagged 20 percent of Jabot when she divorced John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) the first time. Jack and Jill's sordid history should be mined. With Michelle Stafford gone, Bergman needs to be paired with a woman his own age and with significant standing on this soap.

Have Neil quit in frustration when he learns Jill and Billy are returning to Jabot. With Leslie's encouragement he could finally grab his balls and starts his own firm—the Winters Group—with Lily (Christel Khalil) at his side. The first acquisitions the Winters Group should make are the Genoa City Athletic Club, On The Boulevard (Which Lily promptly renames The Colonnade Room!) and Nick's tired club. This would free Billy and Nick up to return to their family's respective dynasties. Neil could hire Gloria to manage his real estate properties.

There is a reason why Jackie O went off on John-John when he said he wanted to be an actor. Just like the world expected more from a Kennedy heir, I expect effing more from Newman and Abbott scions, than cutting damn lemons at a bar. And if I hear Victoria (Amelia Heinle) mention writing a g*% d!@* children's book just once more...

Back to Neil, it makes no sense that on a soap where everyone is an entrepreneur, the smartest guy in town has never ventured out on his own (Don't mention that silly jazz club!). After stumping at the feet of Victor, Jack and Kay (the late Jeanne Cooper) for decades, shouldn't Neil have a burning desire to leave a legacy akin to the ones those captains of industry will leave for their loved ones? See you next Ratings.