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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Tracy’s ready to unseat AJ, and Ava reminds her it has to be done while Franco is still alive. Otherwise, the proxy is worthless.   Tracy mentions they need Kiki at the meeting, and Ava takes off to find her.  

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Liz tells AJ that Franco is in surgery.  AJ admits he doesn’t consider Franco a brother, but as a Quartermaine, he is entitled to his 10%.  AJ talks about possibly working with Tracy to stop Ava and Franco from trying to take over the company.  Liz isn’t sure he can trust Tracy. 

Carly stops by Sonny’s to let him know their son is getting married.  Both Sonny and Connie assume she’s talking about Michael, and are surprised to hear it’s Morgan.  Sonny assures her that he’ll deal with it, and she brings up Franco’s beating. Sonny doesn’t confirm or deny anything.  Sonny wonders if Carly is going soft about Franco, but she mentions he’s not in his right mind. She knows the tumor is responsible for his bad behavior.  Sonny promises to talk to Morgan. 

Kiki worries about possibly losing Franco now that she’s just found him.  Silas wants to speak with Kiki, but Morgan gets involved and says he’s her fiancé.  Silas thinks they’re too young to get married.  He drags Kiki away on the pretext of correcting their records, and asks her date of birth.  Ava arrives and drags Kiki away before the information is spilled.  

Britt wonders why Nik is ignoring her, and he makes a comment about her relationship with Patrick and Emma.  Britt realizes Nikolas has spoken with Elizabeth, and tells him Liz warned her away from Nik. She believes Liz is very protective of him.  Britt wants to know what Liz told him. 

Nikolas tells her what Liz told him about Emma, and Britt admits she lost her temper and acted badly. She's not proud of her prior actions. Britt announced the pregnancy at the Ball because she was tired of being ignored, and isn’t perfect.  She wonders if Nik wants nothing to do with her. Nik knows he needs friends, and agrees to continue to be hers.  

Brad wants to know why Michael invited him over, and Michael swears he’s moving on from Kiki.  Brad wants to know if Michael is gay, and Michael claims he’s conflicted. He doesn't want to admit anything, unless Brad tells him a secret of his own.  Brad worries telling his secret will get him fired, and wants a sign from Michael, namely a kiss. Michael stalls until he gets a call from AJ. 

Ava tells Kiki there is a shareholder meeting, and she needs to be there to vote her shares. She swears it’s all about Kiki’s future, and there’s nothing it in for her.  Kiki asks Morgan to let her know when Franco gets out of surgery.

Silas questions Morgan’s wedding plans.  Morgan assures him both he and Kiki are 19. Alice overhears and corrects Morgan on Kiki's age. Alice knows Kiki is 21.  Silas tells Morgan that Kiki is likely his daughter and not Franco’s.  He tells Morgan to be a man, and honor Kiki if he truly loves her.  He advises the boy not to lie or manipulate Kiki. 

Connie gets a call from the new owner of her company, who informs her that he’ll shut down the paper and magazine if she doesn’t come up with a good story.  Connie knows about the trouble with ELQ. 

Tracy declares to AJ she’s going to take over ELQ and oust him. She has the shares to do it.  AJ reminds her they both have 42%, but Tracy spills she has Franco’s proxy, which puts her at 52%. Tracy is calling a vote of non-confidence, and has her people lined up.  

AJ calls Michael to come to ELQ.  When Michael gets there, AJ explains Tracy double-crossed him and there’s no time to flip anyone to their side.  

After Michael leaves, Felix comes out of hiding and confronts Brad.  Brad has tried everything to get Felix’s attention, because he likes him. However, Felix just ignores him. Felix needs a symbol of good faith, and asks if the baby is Patrick’s.  Brad tells him to talk to Britt’s mother. 

Britt is happy Nik wants to remain friends, until she sees her mother is back in town. 

Diane has all the non-present voters online.  Kiki isn’t happy with Tracy’s methods, and tells them she’s voting for AJ.  Tracy announces a vote of non-confidence, and needs someone to second the notion, which Ava does using Franco’s proxy.  Tracy declares the vote is 52.5% to 47.5% in her favor.  Diane announces it’s actually in AJ’s favor.