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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Diane declares AJ the CEO of ELQ, which shocks Tracy. She quickly realizes someone in her group must have flipped their vote to AJ.  She initially believes it is either Brook Lynn or Maya, but Diane informs Tracy they stayed on her side. Tracy then deduces the only other person with five percent is Alice, and turns to her.

Tracy mentions Alice promised Luke she’d always side with Tracy.  Alice points out Luke isn’t here, and AJ is family.  Alice calls Tracy a bully, and feels she shouldn’t have called a vote when a family member was hospitalized.  Alice knows family was important to Edward, and Tracy takes exception to that.  The two women fight while everyone else looks on. 

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Dr. Obrecht is back in town to warn Britt that people are plotting against her.  Britt tells her mother she is fine.  Sabrina walks up and asks to be introduced to Britt’s friend.  Britt claims she doesn’t know the woman, and was only making small talk. 

Felix tells Sabrina he has confirmation Patrick may not be the baby’s father, and Britt and her mother are hiding something.  Sabrina thinks the woman with Britt must have been her mother.  

Connie decides to head to ELQ to get a story for the paper, so the new boss doesn’t shut it and Crimson down.  Sonny warns her to watch her back around AJ, but Connie isn’t concerned. She is determined to save her company. 

Patrick tells Carly and Morgan that Franco survived the surgery, and he removed the tumor.  Morgan heads off to tell Kiki.  Sam runs into Carly, who tells her the news.  Sam is thrilled Franco will be able to save Danny. 

Carly asks to sit with Franco.  Patrick is surprised at her concern, but warns he doesn’t know what the side effects of the surgery will be.  Carly talks to Franco, and he opens his eyes.  She tells Franco he’ll be able to save Danny’s life, which just may redeem him.  Carly is glad he’s alive.  Franco reaches out and touches her arm.  

Kiki congratulates Michael with a hug, and Morgan sees it. He tells her Franco is out of surgery, and Ava is thankful.  Morgan heads out to see Sonny. 

Dr. Obrecht complains about Britt’s weight, and the people who plotting against her. Britt knows about the possible threat, and is one step ahead of Sabrina and Felix.  Her mother nags she should have gotten Patrick by now.  Britt admits nothing she does works, and thinks she should cut her losses.  

Dr. Obrecht questions whether Britt still loves Patrick, or if she has eyes for Nikolas. Britt stresses she and Nik are just friends.  The two argue about Dr. O’s failures with Britt’s father, and Dr. O. smacks Britt in the face.  Britt does care for Patrick, but he doesn’t care for her.  Dr. O. believes Patrick will love her when his baby is born.  Britt reminds her mother she isn't carrying Patrick’s baby. 

AJ tells Tracy to leave, because he won.  Tracy declares she’ll get ELQ back, and fires Alice.  Tracy’s upset, but Ava asks her what Edward would say.  Tracy decides Kiki needs to change her vote, and Ava needs to make it happen.  Ava tells her Kiki is upset with her for conspiring with Tracy, and has become attached to Franco. She knows her daughter won't change her vote.  Tracy wishes Kiki wasn’t a Quartermaine, and asks if it’s possible Franco isn’t her father.  Ava lies, and confirms Kiki is a Quartermaine. 

AJ wants to go somewhere with Liz to celebrate his victory.  

Sam questions Patrick about Franco’s readiness to donate.  Patrick tells her that he may not be able to, because they found some suspicious cells. If they turn out to be cancerous, his marrow wouldn’t be viable.  Sam cries Franco is Danny’s only hope, and she can’t lose her son.  Patrick hugs her and says he’s hoping for the best. However, she should continue to look for a donor.  

Connie stops by ELQ looking for a story, but Michael explains Tracy didn’t have the votes and AJ is still CEO.  

Sonny wonders why Morgan wants to tie himself down at his age.  Morgan loves Kiki, and wants to spend his life with her.  Sonny presses the issue, and wonders what Morgan isn’t saying.  Morgan admits he may lose Kiki to Michael, which Sonny doesn't think is possible because they are cousins.  Connie arrives in time to hear Morgan confess Kiki and Michael are not cousins, because she’s not a Quartermaine.