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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Connie overhears Morgan tell Sonny that Ava confessed to him Kiki isn’t Franco’s daughter. He knows Kiki will choose Michael over him if she knows the truth.  Sonny wonders why Morgan would want to be with someone who has feelings for his brother. Morgan loves Kiki, and wants to be with her.  He asks his father not to say anything, but Sonny refuses to keep quiet. 

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Lulu stops by to talk to Maxie about birthing classes, and Spin helping them out.  She’s ready to be there for the next class, and the real thing.  Derek Wells arrives and immediately throws his weight around with Maxie. He also takes over Connie's office.  Maxie calls Connie to inform her of Derrick's actions. 

Felix wants Spin’s detective services, and explains he thinks Brad and Britt are lying about the paternity of the baby.  Spinelli tells him about how Ellie lost her promotion, and Brad's secret file.  Felix mentions Britt’s mother, and she being the reason he needs Spin’s help. 

Britt points out Patrick is not the baby’s father, but her mother is sure Patrick will fall in love with the baby. She feels he never needs to know the truth.  Dr. Obrecht explains to Britt how she changed the DNA on file, and Ellie had no idea it wasn’t Patrick’s DNA.  She wants Britt to remain vigilant, even though Britt is feeling guilty.  Dr. Obrecht knows Patrick will be happy, but Britt is concerned about the biological father and his feelings. Her mother warns her to keep her mouth shut. 

Patrick gets home to find Sabrina waiting for him.  He tells her Franco’s surgery was a success, and he’s a match for Danny. However, Franco may have cancerous cells.  He tells Sabrina about Emma's conception and birth, He loves her very much, and knows he’ll love Britt’s baby as much.  Sabrina is still not convinced he’s the father, and believes Britt and her mother are hiding something.  Patrick has already accepted the baby. 

Michael tells Kiki he can’t stay away from her, and explains they’ll be around each other a lot, once she marries Morgan. He stresses they need to get used to it.  Kiki wants them to be friends.  Michael asks if she loves Morgan, and she says she wants to.   Michael feels she shouldn’t have to work at love, but Kiki tells him there was something there before Michael came into the picture.  

Connie arrives at the office, only to have Derek tell her Crimson is done.  She was told to come up with a good story, and claims she has one about ELQ.  She spills the vote was inaccurate, and it will be a big story.  Maxie wonders why she didn’t give Derek all the information, but Connie knows it will affect a lot of people and needs time.

Sonny feels Kiki has a right to know her father's true identity. Morgan points out Sonny kept AJ away from Michael, and Sonny claims he was the better father.  Morgan accuses Sonny of not caring about him, which was the reason he was sent away. It was all so Michael could have more attention.  Sonny denies it, but Morgan shouts he grew up in a dorm, because he didn’t feel welcome at home. He whines that Michael always gets what he wants, even though he isn’t Sonny’s flesh and blood.

Sonny angrily tells Morgan biology doesn’t matter, and he loves his children equally.  Morgan wants his father to put him first, for once, and let him marry Kiki.  He swears Kiki will love him, and forget about Michael.  Sonny agrees to keep the secret.    

Derek calls someone to inform them he’s in town.

Connie returns home, and is surprised to hear Sonny gave Morgan his blessing.  

Morgan finds Kiki at the hospital, after Michael has given her his blessing.