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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Connie explains to Sonny how her original story about ELQ didn’t pan out, but she found another story. She tells him she overheard Morgan confess Kiki is not a Quartermaine. Sonny tells her no one can know the truth, because he promised Morgan he wouldn’t say anything. Sonny informs Connie his youngest son is afraid to lose Kiki to Michael. Connie accuses Sonny of sacrificing one son’s happiness for another, but Sonny feels this is his only way to prove to Morgan he truly does love him.  

Morgan has a nightmare where Michael knows the truth, and Kiki calls off the wedding.  When he wakes from it, he tells Kiki he doesn’t remember it. However, later he admits the dream involved her calling off the wedding.  Kiki declares she’s not calling anything off.  She asks what Sonny’s reaction was, and is surprised when Morgan tells her that his father gave his blessing. 

Carly tells Michael that Franco is a match for Danny, and they are waiting for test results.  She tells him about Morgan’s wedding plans, and wants Michael to talk Morgan out of it.  Michael informs her Morgan won’t listen to him either, and explains about his attraction to Kiki.  Carly decides it’s all the more reason to stop the wedding, especially if Kiki doesn’t return Morgan’s feelings.  She compares it to her marriage with AJ, while planning a life with Jason. She won’t let that happen to Morgan.   

Sam’s freaking out because they haven’t heard from Silas about Franco’s tests yet. Molly begs her to wait a little longer, and believes no news is good news. However, Sam decides to track down Silas.  After she’s gone, Molly breaks down with Alexis.  When she calms down, the two make small talk.  Molly tells her mother she may give TJ a second chance, and asks about Shawn.  Alexis decrees they are done. 

Rafe wants answers from Silas, who is still working in the lab.  He recruits Rafe’s help, and then asks about Molly.  Rafe explains they’re just friends, but Silas tells him to go after what he wants.  

Maxie overhears Derek telling someone that nobody knows what he’s up to.  He confronts her, but Maxie swears she didn’t hear anything.  He grabs her arm, as Olivia arrives and warns him to stop.  Olivia throws Connie’s name around, but Derek tells her he owns the company and is Connie’s boss.  Olivia tells him if he messes with Maxie again, he’ll regret it.  Derek tells Maxie not to listen to his conversations again. 

Maxie tells Olivia she believes Connie has a big story, and then apologizes to Olivia for telling Connie to go after Sonny.  Olivia assures her that she’ll be fine. 

TJ tells Shawn that he and Molly may be reconciling.  He tells Shawn to go after Alexis.  

Morgan and Kiki overhear Carly tell Michael that Sonny will likely stop the wedding. Morgan tells her Sonny gave them his blessing, so Carly storms off to find Sonny.  

Connie continues to try to make Sonny see reason in the situation.  She feels if Kiki loves Michael, then Morgan needs to let her go. She also believes Kiki needs to know the truth. She says Sonny can be there to help Morgan through it.  Sonny is prepared to keep the secret if it will prove to Morgan how much he loves him.  Connie’s upset this means she loses her story, and likely her magazine.  

Connie goes to Derek, and tells him there is no story. Derek informs Connie she’s out of a job.  

Carly storms into Sonny’s house, and asks why he gave his blessing to the wedding.  

Rafe overhears Molly tell Alexis about a possible reconciliation with TJ.  He tells her it’s a mistake, because TJ is not the right guy for her. Rafe declares he is the right guy for Molly.   

Sam shows up at the lab looking for answers.  Alexis comes to offer her support, and the women ask Silas whether Franco will be able to save Danny. 

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