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Pretty Little Liars Recap: “The Guilty Girl’s Handbook”

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When Mrs. Hastings couldn’t get Ashley out on bail, the girls were all devastated. Spencer (Troian Bellisario), in particular, seemed to blame her mom for everything.  Then, I remembered she’s a 16-year-old girl. 

With everything that’s been happening to the girls lately, Ezra asked Emily (Shay Mitchell) if it had anything to do with A again.  He was helping her with her college applications.  He told Emily she should reach out to her old advisor, Zoe, from her volunteer work in Haiti for a recommendation letter.

Zoe agreed to write the letter, and convinced Emily to join the crew for Nicaragua this summer.  Even though Emily knew her parents were struggling financially, she thought they could afford this. However, it just stressed her mom out more. 

Spencer thought A was upping her game, because Caleb and Toby were getting close to determining her identity.   Spencer buddied up with her mom’s cute lawyer-in-training, so she could read some of the case files on Wilden’s murder. 

Despite Spencer still being in high school, a new grown man was way into her, so he probably won’t rat her out to her mom.  Spencer also went back to Radley, and tried to find out more info about Tobey’s mom.  She found evidence Wilden may have covered up Toby’s mom’s murder. 

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Hanna (Ashley Benson) completely lost her mind.  She told Mona she was going to confess to killing Wilden, and Mona needed to help.  She figured a minor claiming self-defense would get off a lot easier than her mom.  I think the plan was to claim a gun-toting Hanna met Wilden in the woods for a confrontation over him being Alison’s baby daddy, and he got rapey (not a stretch, he was always kind of creeping on Hanna), so she shot him. 

Luckily, Caleb figured things out, and stopped her.  Instead, Mona ended up at the police station and confessed to killing Wilden.  Did she do it to trick the girls, or try and make amends with former bestie Hanna?

After Mike told Aria (Lucy Hale) he was taking self-defense classes because his teammates were harassing him, she went to see Jake.  Rocking her adorable comic strip dress, Aria asked her former BF if he noticed if anything was up with Mike. He confirmed it appeared he was having trouble with his soccer teammates. 

After Mike went out to celebrate with the team, Aria got worried.  She called Jake, so they could go look for him. However, after Jake met Aria, Mike called and said he was fine.  The evening turned into a date night for Aria and Jake. 

Best Line:  “A really likes throwing cars at people.” –Spencer, after Emily told them A drove a car at her mom into her living room. 

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