CNN's Jake Tapper Turns Thespian For All My Children (SPOILER PHOTOS)

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There are no small parts, only big-time CNN anchors who occasionally like to lather up in some suds! CNN's Jake Tapper will make his acting debut Monday, Aug. 12 during an installment of TOLN's All My Children.

The newshound will play, you guessed it, a reporter seeking dirt from Brooke English (Julia Barr) and Dixie Cooney Martin (Cady McClain) on why Junior Chandler (Ryan Bittle) is showing his behind at Chandler Enterprises. Check out more spoiler pics from the eppy after the jump!

Jake Tapper and Vincent Irizarry

Jake Tapper, Denyse Tontz and Eric Nelsen

Jake Tapper, Julia Barr and Cady McClain

Photo credits: TOLN