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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly demands to know why Sonny would allow Morgan's marriage to happen, especially when he said he would take care of it.  Sonny tells her Morgan loves Kiki, but Carly informs him Kiki has feelings for Michael.  Sonny updates Carly on his earlier conversation with Morgan, and his need to prove to Morgan he truly loves him. Sonny feels he has to support the marriage. 

Carly is trying to protect Morgan, and can’t let him make a mess of his life.  Sonny feels Morgan should make his own mistakes, and figure stuff out on his own.  Carly doesn’t agree with Sonny. 

Silas tells Sam and Alexis that Franco is not an option to save Danny, because some cells may be cancerous. It would be too dangerous to give Danny the marrow.  Silas tells her to look elsewhere for a donor, and he’ll recheck those who have already been tested.  

Dante is surprised when he finds out Morgan and Kiki are getting married. Morgan assures him Sonny has given his blessing.  Michael claims to be happy, so Morgan tells him to prove it by agreeing to be his best man.  Michael finally agrees, and Morgan’s happy they have each other’s backs.  Morgan and Kiki head to the hospital to see Franco.  

Duke finds Ava at the Quartermaine mansion, and comments on her loss at ELQ.  Ava’s not thrilled he’s in her face, but Duke tells Ava he’s done research on her and her gallery. Apparently, it appeared out of nowhere.  Ava has a silent partner, and Duke wonders if they’re silent because they are criminal.   

Ava is not happy Duke is prying into her life.  He still thinks she’s part of the Jerome crime family that wreaked havoc on Port Charles, and his life with Anna.  Ava tells Duke he’s wasting time on her. 

Connie tells Derek to leave her office, and mentions she co-owns the hotel.  She reminds him they had an agreement, and threatens him with Sonny.  Derek doesn’t take her threat seriously, and asks about the story at ELQ.  Connie admits there is a story there, but she promised not to spill the beans.  Derek tells her to break her promise, and get the story. Otherwise, she will be unemployed.  He gives her a day to decide what to do. 

Anna tells Dante she’s receiving pressure from the mayor to close Olivia’s shooting case. The mayor wants to blame Sonny.  Dante doesn’t think it was Sonny, but has a hunch Carly ordered the hit under his name.  The two discuss the second shooter, and how it clearly wasn’t an amateur.  Anna suggests they should look at someone who’s recently come to town, and would have a grudge against Franco.  

Sam is upset Danny keeps getting sicker, and she can’t do anything about it.  She asks about her father again.  Alexis will hire a PI, and has the idea to start a donor drive to find a match in town.  

Silas finds Kiki’s donor sample, and takes his own mouth swab to run a DNA test.  

Connie runs into Michael, and sees he’s upset.  Michael assures her that he’s accepted Morgan’s marriage to Kiki.  

Duke tells Anna what he’s found out about Ava.  Anna wants to know if Ava is related to the Jerome's of Port Charles' past, so she can deal with her.  

Derek summons Ava to his office.  When she arrives, she addresses him as Julian.  

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