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Michelle Stafford on New Web Series: "Self-Deprecation is My Friend"

Okay suds lovers and fans of irreverent, behind-the-scenes, show biz comedies like I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Larry Sanders Show, Episodes and 30 Rock, you are hereby instructed to run, not walk, over to your computers (or tablets, or smartphones!) on August 5 and log on for the premiere of The Stafford Project!


I had the honor of viewing the pilot and was literally screaming with laughter the entire time. I ain't playing; I thought my landlord was gonna evict a brutha!

Exiting The Young and the Restless superstar Michelle Stafford plays a slightly heightened version of herself, as she deals with agents telling her soaps are dead, so she should do reality TV—to make as much money as Snooki—among other humorous humiliations. Her adorable, talented, dream-drop of a daughter, Natalia Scout Lee, also appears, threating to steal the show from her mommy.

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In a recent interview with TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan, The Staff had this to say about her new passion project:

A primary reason I have left Y&R is that I want to do comedy. I decided I needed to create something for myself, and you write what you know, right? I teamed up with my two friends, Paige Long and Paige Dorian, and we came up with The Stafford Project as a way of finding the humor in all the degrading things that happen to me. I just lead that kind of life. Things go wrong. Things blow up in my face. But even the most difficult things in my life are riddled with comedy, like how hard I tried to have a child. I went through years of literal hell — seven surgeries and nine different adoption cycles all of which failed. I was constantly being told I was an old bitch, that my eggs were as old as the hills. Then there was the in-vitro doctor who, after giving me two surgeries and looking up my vag every other day, suddenly revealed that he had feelings for me. Plus there's all the reaction and the criticism I get because I'm not married. "How come you're single?" "What kind of a loser must you be?" "There must be something wrong! Are you a closet lesbian?" And most of this comes from other single women, or women who are in a miserable marriage! It's insane! At the time, none of it seems funny. In fact, it's pretty horrific. But now that I have some distance and a beautiful daughter [Natalia Scout Lee, 3, who was born via surrogate using Stafford's fertilized embryo], I am able to look back at everything and find the humor in it all. And I do know how to tell a good story! So I thought, why not turn all this into a web show? Self-deprecation is my friend.

Yes, girl, it most assuredly is! The Stafford Project premieres August 5 at

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