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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ava tells Julian he looks good for a dead man, and demands a hug. She complains about her run in with Duke, and Julian brings up their plan to steal ELQ. Ava explains she threw in with Tracy, but lost.  The two argue about Kiki, but Ava reminds him their plan is to get to rid of Sonny and reclaim their territory. She's laying the groundwork by having Kiki marry Morgan.  

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Anna realizes she can’t investigate Ava without probable cause.  Duke tells her they need to talk to Sonny. 

Shawn informs Sonny the gambling goons are still in business, and making moves to Port Charles.  Sonny wants to know whom they’re working for.  Duke and Anna visit Sonny to talk about the Jerome’s, and if he’s heard anything about them.  Sonny mentions the online gambling ring, and admits he kept tabs on the goons who harassed Connie and Olivia.  Sonny feels if they’re back, he needs to shut them down.    Anna tells him not to take matters into his own hands, but Sonny will do what he needs to protect his own.  

Sam and Alexis run into Kevin, and ask for his help in getting information out of Alexis.  Kevin agrees to hypnotize Alexis. 

Luke is at the European bank where Jerry had the 88 million dollars wired.  He’s trying to find out who withdrew the money.  The banker notes Jerry has been declared deceased. Despite Luke’s attempt to get information from the banker, he comes up empty. 

Connie visits Tracy, and tells her Ava is working against her. She explains Kiki is not Franco’s daughter, and therefore not a Quartermaine.  Tracy realizes without Kiki’s shares, she and AJ are tied. She needs Lucy’s 1% to break the tie.  Tracy asks for proof, but Connie admits she heard a private conversation between Sonny and Morgan. She promised Sonny she wouldn’t tell.  

Tracy doesn’t care about Sonny, and just wants ELQ back. Tracy feels they need to team up and win their companies together.  Connie agrees, so Tracy tells her to check Ava’s room, while she goes to see Lucy.  

Scotty tells Lucy that Laura has gone off after Luke, and explains Luke’s situation. Scott worries about Laura safety, but Lucy assures him Laura will be back.  Lucy needs to recruit more investors, and can’t go back to Nikolas.  

Tracy arrives, and gives Lucy a check. She all of a sudden wants to invest in the spa. Lucy wonders what she wants in exchange.  Tracy requires Lucy's 1% share of ELQ.

Armed men hold Luke and the banker at gunpoint.  One of them shoots Luke, and forces the banker to enter her security code.   They drag the banker and guards away, while one mercenary reroutes the money.  Luke thanks the gunman, who takes off her mask to reveal she’s Holly.  

Connie goes through Ava’s room, and finds a box hidden in a pillow.  

A hypnotized Alexis goes through the events of the night Sam was conceived, and finally remembers the man’s name was Julian.

Julian tells Ava to leave, so they are not seen together.  Sam pops up at Crimson looking for Connie.