SPOILERS: Can Leslie Stop Melanie on The Young and the Restless?

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Leslie/Adam/Melanie: The scorned legal eagle cries rape against the Newman black sheep. Will Leslie take the case?


Neil/Lily/Devon: Daddy Winters tells his tykes about the time he got drunk and kicked it with a woman named Rose. Considering it was right after Dru passed, will Lily and Devon forgive Neil for falling off the wagon all those years ago? Look for Neil to go under hypnosis to recall everything that happened with Rose.

Tyler/Abby: The two get cozier, much to Lily’s chagrin.

Jill/Hilary/Cale/Lily: Jill issues a warning to Hilary regarding her non-son's marriage.

Nikki/Nick/Sharon: Mama Newman isn't happy about her ex-daughter-in-law circling Nick. Watch for her to warn her son about trusting his loopy first love.

Dylan/Chelsea: The Army veteran/plumber/kitchen remodeler/barista turns into Dr. Huxtable and helps Chelsea deliver “their” baby.