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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke tells Holly they only have an hour before the computer resets itself, but she wants to know why he asked for her help. Holly points out she risked her life for him.  Luke explains he’s dying, thanks to Helena, and is trying to find Jerry and the missing 88 million dollars.  

Tracy explains to Lucy she needs the 1%, but only wants Lucy to sign that she’ll vote in Tracy's favor. Lucy can keep the share.  Lucy’s ready to accept, since she needs the money for Deception. However, Scotty steps in, so Tracy adds more money. Lucy accepts Tracy's offer.  

Kiki checks in on Franco, and is happy when he wakes up.  She tells him they’ll have time now to figure out what they are to each other, and mentions he’ll be able to help Danny.  Silas overhears, and calls Kiki out of the room.  He informs her Franco won’t be able to help Danny, and asks she keep Franco in the dark about it for now.

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Alexis is thrilled to remember the name Julian, and admits she didn’t think the hypnosis would work.  She wonders how they’ll find Sam’s father with only a first name.  Kevin points out there can’t have been many Julian’s in that specific bar.  Alexis isn’t sure where to begin to look.  Kevin believes it is possible more memories may surface since she has remembered the name.

Sam wonders why Derek is in Connie’s office, but he explains he’s Connie’s boss.  Sam recognizes Ava, who quickly takes off.  Sam tells him she needs publicity for a bone marrow transplant for her son, who’s really sick. She wants him to publish a story.  He asks about family members, and she informs him everyone’s been tested, but her father. At first, Derek isn’t interested, because he’s all about the numbers. However, Sam begs, and Derek agrees to put it in tomorrow’s edition.  

Monica catches Connie in Ava and Franco’s room.  Connie claims to have gotten a tip about a disturbance at the mansion, and let herself in to report.  Monica threatens to call the police, but Tracy arrives and stops her. She claims she destroyed the room, because she was angry Ava didn’t get Kiki to vote her way.  Monica decides to let it slide, since she’s just happy that AJ won.  

Tracy tells Connie she got Lucy’s vote.  Connie shows her the box she found.  The two open the box and find Kiki’s birth certificate, which states Silas is her father.  Tracy’s ready to go ahead with the story, so they can save ELQ, Crimson and the paper. Connie isn't so sure, and needs more convincing.  

Ava walks in on Silas and Kiki talking, and quickly pulls Kiki away into Franco’s room. She’s angry with Silas, who is waiting for a DNA test.  Ava says he didn’t have her or Kiki’s permission, but Silas tells Ava he’s a doctor and can do what he wants.  

Lucy and Scotty talk about their spouses, and the lack of attention they’re receiving from Laura and Kevin.  Lucy realizes she spends more time with Scott than with Kevin, and wonders what that means.  Kevin arrives, and doesn’t seem happy to find Scott and Lucy together.  

Sam gets back to the hospital and tells Alexis that Derek will run the story.  Alexis tells Sam her father’s name is Julian.

Connie gets back to the office, and boasts she has proof for her story. She shows Derek the birth certificate.  

Holly breaks into the bank records and finds out Jerry transferred the 88 million in September of 2012, but it was transferred out of his account after his death.  Luke wonders who transferred it.  Holly shows him a photo of Sean Donnelly.