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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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AJ and Liz wake up together, and AJ admits he’s never been this happy. He doesn't think things can’t get any better.  AJ plans on getting them breakfast, but Liz declares she’s not intimidated by his family and will join him.  

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Tracy rejoices when she gets her morning newspaper with Kiki’s headline.  Diane arrives and wonders why she’s been summoned. Tracy shows her the paper.

Connie gets her paper, and worries about how to break the news to Sonny.  Sonny gets angry when she shows him the paper.  Connie feels Michael was heartbroken, and shouldn’t have to step aside. However, Sonny accuses her of hiding behind Michael instead of admitting she ran the story for her own benefit.  

Sonny believes Michael would have been fine, and knows Morgan is the one to worry about. He feels Connie betrayed him.  Connie accuses him of helping Morgan manipulate Kiki.  Sonny yells she doesn’t know anything about raising children, but then quickly takes it back. Sonny storms out.  

Kiki, dreaming of Michael, wakes up in Morgan’s bed.  Morgan offers to go to the main house and get them some breakfast.  Kiki calls Michael and tells him about the ring. She also informs him that she told Morgan she loves him.  

Carly wonders what has Olivia so upset, but Olivia tells her to talk to Michael about a girl he can’t have.  Carly is aware of her son’s issues, and wonders if Olivia’s problem is about Sonny.  Olivia stresses Sonny is with Connie, but Carly is certain Connie will end up breaking Sonny’s heart.   Olivia doesn’t want Carly bad mouthing Connie, and she refuses to come between them.  Carly tells her the right Falconeri for Sonny is Olivia.  

A nurse brings Silas the DNA results, but Monica quickly arrives and demands the results be given to her. She knows he conducted the test without Kiki’s knowledge.  Ava informs Silas she was the one who went to Monica. However, she becomes angry when Monica won’t fire Silas. Monica decides there will be a disciplinary hearing about Silas, and warns him to expect an inquiry.  

When AJ and Liz come downstairs, Tracy pretends to be nice to Liz. AJ gloats to Tracy about winning with Kiki’s 5% of ELQ.  Tracy shows him the paper, and Morgan overhears her tell them Silas is Kiki’s father.  Tracy says AJ should have had Kiki’s DNA checked, because she’s not a Quartermaine.  Liz points out it means they are tied, but Tracy tells them she has Lucy’s 1%. Therefore, AJ is out and Tracy is in. 

Morgan goes back to the boathouse and tells Kiki they need to go to the courthouse right away to get their marriage license.  Kiki feels things are moving too fast, but Morgan insists.  

Michael finally sees the newspaper, and realizes he and Kiki are not related.  He tries to call Kiki back, but Morgan intercepts the call. He basically tells his brother to back off.

AJ and Tracy continue to argue.  Diane reminds them it’s a family company, but Tracy feels she’s earned the right to gloat.  AJ thinks Tracy manipulated things, but Tracy informs him Connie found the story and printed it.  AJ doesn’t understand why Connie would do this to him, but Diane reminds him Connie is with Sonny. She speculates Connie probably did it for him. 

AJ gets angrier, and Liz tries to convince him all is not lost, but he storms off.   Tracy warns Liz that AJ will end up disappointing her, because he’s a failure who did this to himself by overreaching.  Liz won’t abandon him, and feels Tracy is heinous with family. Tracy coldly says AJ is not worthy of anyone’s love.  Liz slaps her across the face. 

Ava warns Silas to stay away from Kiki and let this go. She points out he’s wanted nothing to do with her for 20 years, and now he’s all over Kiki.  Silas doesn’t understand why she would want Kiki to believe her father is a lunatic killer.  Ava fires back Silas is not squeaky clean either. 

Ava warns Silas if he doesn’t back off, she’ll take him to court and revoke his medical license.  Silas will just go and talk to Kiki himself.  Ava grabs a scalpel and tells Silas if he goes to Kiki, she’ll kill him.  

Michael doesn’t find Kiki at the boathouse.  

Sonny shows up at the hotel to see Olivia.

AJ arrives at Sonny’s and demands an explanation from Connie.