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Joy Behar on The View Exit: "I Need a Different Kind of Life"

After 16 years of gossip, jokes, face-offs and political smackdowns,Joy Beharis signing off from The View on Aug. 9. Just why the devil is Behar leaving the ABC Daytime talk show’s roundtable? TV Guide Magazine’sMichael Logangot the skinny.


TV Guide Magazine: It's been quite a while since your departure from The View was announced. Can you remind us why you're doing this? Because it really sucks.

Behar: I need a different kind of life. I have so many other things to do! I want to write, do standup, maybe do Broadway, do acting roles, and live my life without this daily regimen. I'm done! It's scary that 16 years have passed. How the hell did this happen?

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Behar also dishes the infamous dust-up between former co-hosts Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck back in 2007.

TV Guide Magazine: The Rosie O'Donnell-Elisabeth Hasselbeck explosion?

Behar: I was right in the middle of that one and it was brutal sitting in the crosshairs. It was so acrimonious, so contentious. But somebody in the booth sure liked it because they would not go to a commercial! I was, like, "What the hell is this — PBS?" Sherri Shepherd wasn't one of the cohosts yet but she just happened to be a guest on the show that particular day and she and I still talk about. It got The View a lot of attention. We've had a lot of damn drama on this show and I can't say I didn't enjoy some of it. But not the Rosie-Elisabeth thing. You know what I like remembering? When I announced the birth of my grandson. Luca. I loved becoming a grandma. That was a nice day. And then there was the day I revealed that I'd finally gotten married to Steve. But, other than that, I never talked about my private stuff.

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