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Soap Legend Andrea Evans Joins DeVanity!


Now we've got ourselves a ballgame! Legendary soap actress Andrea Evans has signed on for the fourth season of web smash DeVanity. The multi-soap vet will play Vivian Price, the missing-in-action mother to Jason DeVanity (Michael Caruso).

Vivian returns to get payback against Preston Regis (Gordon Thomson) for the sins he’s committed against her family. Viv also gives her baby boy Jason some key information to assist with his quest to build up the family business.

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"Andrea is a beloved and iconic daytime star so when it came time to cast Jason's mother, I couldn't think of a better actress to play her,” said  Caruso. “Andrea is able to embody all the layers of a mother guilt ridden for abandoning her son, and a business woman hell bent on revenge. Her incredible career in daytime has more than proven her capabilities for the range of emotions necessary for this character, and it is an honor to have her on our show. I am convinced that when Andrea and Gordon are in the room together, sparks are going to fly. After four seasons of DeVanity, this is the scene I am the most looking forward to."

DeVanity returns with Season 4 in early 2014.