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Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Into the Deep”

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Mona’s confession created enough doubt to at least get Ashley released on bail.  However, since there was no corroborating evidence to support Mona’s claims, she was freed too.

Pastor Ted posted the whopping $1 million dollar bail, while Hanna’s (Ashley Benson) dad continued to be a deadbeat.  He’d hoped this might lead to rekindling his romantic relationship with Ashley. 

Aria (Lucy Hale) was jealous Jake might be dating some cute blonde, while Ezra continued to pine for his underage ladylove.  After his baby mama Alex Mack, I mean Maggie, informed Ezra she wanted to take their son and relocate to Seattle, Ezra flipped.  Might there be a huge custody battle brewing? 

I’d still love for it to somehow come out Ezra’s really not the father.  I hate teen pregnancy storylines, and although Maggie and Ezra are both adults now, it still stinks.  I hope Maggie leaves the canvas for good, but I don’t want to be stuck with a mopey Ezra either. 

Paige got Emily (Shay Mitchell) a meeting with an Olympic swim coach.  He was very impressed, until Emily’s injury came up, which Paige had neglected to mention.  The coach told Emily it was likely she’d never be able to swim again, so she was totally depressed. She was in that exact state of mind when she showed up at a big surprise party Paige had organized!

As if things couldn’t get worse, Jenna and Shana were there.  They had a conversation about Alison that maybe confirmed the Liars’ suspicions Alison was alive.  Later, they denied it, and said they were just really afraid of CeCe, who still may or may not be Red Coat. 

At the party, Jenna is dragged from the lake after she was knocked unconscious (on purpose?).  She’s fine, but was she meant to die, or was it all just an accident?  Although, this being Rosewood, it probably wasn’t the latter!

Later, someone in a red coat was seen crawling under the DiLaurentis house.  What could they be up to?  Could Alison, who loved hiding secrets, have buried something there?

Elsewhere, Spencer (Torian Bellisario) and Toby found out the next clue regarding Toby’s mom’s death might be in Philadelphia.

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