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SOURCE: Young and Restless Casting Director PEEVED Over Christel Khalil Casting Drama!

I am hearing legendary casting director Judy Blye Wilson is fit to be tied over allegations Christel Khalil's agency tried to send her out on an audition for The Young and the Restless. On Aug. 7, The Wrap published an article detailing Khalil's reported beef with Mavrick Artists Agency. According to the website, Khalil has filed suit againt the firm, which allegedly :


failed to uphold their end of the representation contract. She charges that during a very busy pilot season this year, she was only sent out on two auditions for series regular roles. She was not sent on any commercial auditions.

Khalil accuses the defendants of intentionally not paying her for a guest spot on "2 Broke Girls." The complaint also alleges the agency essentially stole money from the actress above its 10 percent commission.

Perhaps most egregiously however, Mavrick Artists Agency allegedly sent Khalil out to audition for a role on her own show, "Young and the Restless," which "collectively embarrassed, if not mortified" the actress. She has four times been nominated for an Emmy in that role, once winning for the role of Lily Winters Ashby.

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"The agency may not know their client is on The Young and the Restless, but do people really think Judy doesn't know who is on her own show?" said a source close to Wilson. "She [Wilson] never took a meeting with them [Mavrick Artists Agency] about Christel."

Wilson, famed for discovering Sarah Michelle Gellar and Josh Duhamel, while serving as casting director at All My Children, wants it clear Khalil's issues with Mavrick Artist Agency have nothing to do with her office at Y&R, says the insider.

"It's all so ridiculous," sighs the mole. "Judy is one of the most professional people in the business. She doesn't want her name associated with this nonsense."