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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny walks in on AJ choking Connie, and threatens to kill him.  AJ accuses Connie of blowing up his life on Sonny’s orders.  AJ believes Connie could have told him in advance, and given him a chance to fix things. However, he was blindsided by the Kiki news.  AJ brings up Trey’s death, and Sonny hits him with his pistol.  

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Ava accuses Julian of ruining things, but Julian feels he fixed things by removing Kiki as a Quartermaine. This way, Tracy is back in power, and Ava can get the position Tracy promised her.  Julian wonders why Ava didn’t tell the truth, so she could win the vote outright.  Ava didn’t want Silas to know about Kiki.  Julian points out serial killer Franco is not a better option, and thinks she was trying to sabotage everything. Ava angrily tells him to go to hell, and storms out.  

Kiki feels she and Morgan shouldn’t get married right away, because of Michael. She quickly explains she meant they were supposed to have a big wedding with Michael as the best man. Morgan doesn’t want to deal with the family drama, and eventually convinces Kiki to get married today.   

Liz continues to plead her case to Tracy about working with AJ, instead of against him.  Tracy doesn't care, and believes AJ is getting what’s coming to him.

Silas runs into Michael at the mansion, and both commiserate over Ava's lies.  Liz tells Michael what happened when AJ found out, and mentions he was livid with Connie. The two decide to head over to Sonny’s. 

Holly and Luke follow their lead to a house in Ireland, where they find Sean’s daughter Ana.  She claims her parents are out of the country, and quickly informs them she knows they’re up to something. Luke needs to speak to Sean, who is wheeled in.  Luke wants answers and explains about Jerry. He knows Sean withdrew the money. Luke wants to know why, and Sean shows him a vial.  

Connie stops Sonny from hitting AJ, as Liz and Michael arrive.  Sonny swears AJ broke in and hurt Connie, so he dealt with it.  Sonny tells Michael to get AJ out of there.  AJ threatens Connie will pay before he’s dragged away.  

Connie tells Sonny he shouldn’t have hit AJ.  Sonny mentions the voice message, and Olivia telling him to come back.  Connie accuses him of being predictable, and running into Olivia’s arms after one fight. Sonny declares Connie betrayed his trust, but she feels he’s letting Morgan play on his guilt.  Sonny informs Connie that Kiki might be part of the original Jerome family, which could be dangerous for everyone. However, Morgan loves her and Sonny decided to let things ride.  He says Connie should have let him handle his family, but she points out he’s hurting his sons.  

Tracy tells Silas to check the boathouse for Kiki.  Ava arrives, and accuses Tracy of taking the certificate and giving it to Connie.  Tracy counters by implicating Ava as the person who messed with the vote, even though she knew the truth. Tracy informs Ava it will cost her the job she wants.  Ava fires back she’ll simply vote Franco’s proxy in favor of AJ. Reluctantly, Tracy concedes and gives her the position she wants.  

Sam tells Alexis that Silas is Kiki’s father, and he left to find her.  They run into Mac and congratulate him on his upcoming wedding.  Julian arrives, and apologizes for taking the story off the front page. To make up for bumping the story, he offers to get himself tested.  

Liz takes AJ to the hospital.  Michael tells him there was a better way to handle things.  AJ feels this was his chance to prove he’s worthy.  Michael mentions Kiki and the new developments.  AJ tells him they can be together now. He advises his son to go and find Kiki.  

Liz tells AJ to focus on picking up the pieces, and forget about Connie.  AJ admits he would have killed Connie if he’d had a weapon.  

Michael runs into Mac, who tells him Morgan’s at the courthouse about to get married.  Michael arrives to stop the wedding.