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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dr. Obrecht pours the Propofol into Anna’s champagne, and waits for her to drink it. 

Patrick wonders what Britt has to tell him about the baby. She confesses she hasn’t been honest, but gets a sudden severe pain. Britt quickly begins to panic.  Patrick takes her for an ultrasound, where they determine nothing is wrong.  Britt notices the baby is a boy, and the two bond over the news. 

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Lucy’s upset with Kevin for once again, dealing with his patients rather than being with her.  She complains they’ll be late for Mac and Felicia’s surprise party, and feels she can’t count on him.  Kevin takes a shot at her by mentioning vampires.  The two fight all the way to the party. 

Sabrina and Ellie discuss what Spinelli found out about Britt’s mother.  When Maxie and Lante arrive, Sabrina wonders where Patrick is. She leaves him a phone message, and then decides to track him down at the hospital. 

Mac and Felicia are thrilled by their surprise party. Maxie explains it’s a karaoke party, and promptly sings “Going To The Chapel” to them.  Lulu and Dante sing “Having My Baby”, and dedicate it to Maxie. 

Ellie confronts Maxie about doing a karaoke themed party, which was Maxie’s thing with Spinelli.  Maxie questions Ellie’s change of heart regarding children.  Ellie feels it’s the least she could do, because of Spin's desire to have a child and Lulu raising his flesh and blood.

Duke offers a toast to the happy couple, saying their love has stood the test of time.  Anna asks everyone to hold Robert in their hearts.  A fighting Kevin and Lucy interrupt the party.  Maxie is upset with the fighting couple.  Lulu asks her about her argument with Ellie.

Dr. Obrecht sings a sad song.  Lucy complains to Felix about Kevin, and how he puts his patients before her.  She recognizes Dr. Obrecht as the woman from the park, when they were searching for Lulu. 

Kevin complains to Mac and Felicia he and Lucy are having problems. He explains they are always angry. 

Duke and Anna toast each other, and drink their champagne.  Duke starts to feel bad, and heads outside for fresh air. 

Lucy decides to tell Anna about the strange woman, but before she can, Dr. Obrecht leaves.  Dr O. runs into Duke, who recognizes her, but collapses. 

Mac and Kevin sing a song in drag.  Kevin and Lucy make up.   

Patrick asks again what Britt needed to tell him.  She confesses she never intended on having the abortion, and it was just a ploy to kick start their relationship.  She also admits she was never sick, but wanted to move in with him. However, her plan backfired.   

Patrick reminds her that he’s with Sabrina, and has been worried about Britt and the baby.  Britt apologizes, and promises not to do anything bad again.  The two hug, as Sabrina arrives.  Patrick explains what happened with Britt. Britt apologizes to Sabrina. After Patrick leaves, Britt believes her mother was right. 

Anna goes looking for Duke, and finds him passed out on the ground.