SPOILERS: How Will Jill and Nikki Cope With Kay's Death on The Young and the Restless?

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Kay's Legacy: How will Jill and Nikki contend with what Kay left behind for them? Expect the women to embark on separate journeys. Will either find the answers they're looking for? 

Carmine vs. The Baldwins: The studly psycho continues to torment Lauren with very symbolic "gifts". Look for Michael to go off the rails again, when it comes to protecting his family. Will Paul be able to talk some sense into his buddy? 


Lily/Cane/Hilary: Mrs. Ashby has a showdown with her hubby over the mystery blogger’s latest post. Will this  entry be the end of Cane and Lily's marriage? Also, look for Lily to go head to head with Ms. Hilary.

Villy: Mr. and Mrs. Abbott reunite, much to Victor's dismay.

Dylan/Chelsea/Adam: The McAvoys bring baby Connor home. Watch for an intense moment when Adam meets Chelsea's son.

Sharon/Nick/Avery: The return of Avery puts an end to Sharon's domestic fantasies with Nick and Faith. As Navery's wedding approaches, will Faith cause more problems for the couple than her mama?