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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Britt demands to know why her mother has an empty bottle of Propofol, and accuses her of being responsible for what happened to Duke.  Dr. Obrecht finally admits to poisoning Duke. She also mentions she’s done far worse. 

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Maxie wants her parents to get married, but Felicia feels they should wait for Duke to be out of the hospital.  Lucy agrees it should happen today, so Maxie heads to the hospital to find them. 

Sabrina explains to Patrick about Britt’s mother, and shows him a photo of her.  Patrick recognizes her as the woman who stopped him at the airport after the Nurse’s Ball.  He explains how the woman was interested in Robin.  Sabrina thinks she put Britt up to the pregnancy. 

Lulu worries Maxie is becoming too attached to the baby, but Dante reassures her otherwise. Anna calls Dante to have him look for Liesl Obrecht.  Spin and Felix overhear them and tell Anna that Dr. Obrecht is Britt’s mother.  Felix gives Anna his address and permission to enter the premises.  Anna asks them to keep things quiet, and has Dante meet her there. 

Luke and Holly follow the trail for Jerry to an abandoned house in Pennsylvania.  They look around, and Holly finds a wheelchair. They realize someone’s been there recently.  Luke finds a bookcase and they decide to move it. They uncover a hidden door. 

Britt wonders if her mother has killed someone, and admits she’s scared of her.  Dr. Obrecht swears she’s not like Faison, but is a healer. She promises to tell Britt everything.  Britt questions why her mother wanted her to go after Patrick so much, and whether it was all just a coincidence.  Dr. Obrecht remembers bringing a wheelchair bound Robin to Jerry. 

Maxie pays Duke a visit in hopes of having him as the best man, but he needs to stay at least a day to recuperate.  He suggests Kevin as best man, and Maxie agrees. However, she wonders who would stand in for Anna, since Lucy’s performing the ceremony.  Duke tells her to be the maid of honor. 

Lulu speaks to Felicia about her concerns with Maxie.  Felicia blames herself, because she’s been treating this baby like her grandchild, when it isn’t.  Felicia offers to talk to Maxie. 

Lulu and Lucy commiserate about their men being away all the time.  Maxie comes back to the bar, only to find Kevin had to leave. She asks Spin to be the best man. Then, Maxie speaks to her mother, and drops the name Georgie again. Felicia wonders if she’s too invested in the baby.  Maxie assures her that she knows the baby is Lante’s.  Felicia is sad Georgie couldn’t be there to see them get married again.  She thanks Maxie for letting her back in her life. 

Patrick and family arrive for the wedding.  Patrick tells Mac that Robin would be happy for him.  Mac knows it was hard to pick up the pieces when Robin died, but they got through it. He's sure Robin would be happy Patrick has moved on as well. 

Anna and Dante arrive at Britt’s apartment, and hear voices arguing.  Anna unlocks the door, but finds it chained. She warns Britt to open the door.  When Britt doesn’t, Dante kicks the door open. 

The wedding ceremony commences.  Emma and Maxie walk down the aisle, followed by Felicia.  Lucy starts the ceremony, but someone arrives and interrupts.