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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dr. Obrecht warns Britt to keep quiet, and then takes off out the window.  When Dante and Anna break in, they find Britt alone.  Anna asks where Liesl is, and informs Britt her mother is wanted for the attack on Duke.  Britt asks about evidence, and Anna mentions Duke is awake.  Anna explains Britt’s mother has been responsible for a lot of serious offenses.  Britt tells Anna to arrest her, or get out. Anna warns she has no problem arresting a pregnant woman. 

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Richard Simmons interrupts the wedding, much to Lucy and everyone’s annoyance.  Maxie insists he won’t ruin the wedding.  Some of the guys pick Richard up to take him outside, but he begs to be put down. He cries and apologizes for the way he acted at the Nurse’s Ball. 

Luke is surprised when Dr. Obrecht shows up at the house, and explains to Holly she’s the one responsible for Robert’s coma.  Holly swears Liesl will pay.  Luke accuses her of working with Jerry on a cure, but Liesl informs them Jerry is dead. She also denies helping with the cure. 

Connie discusses what happened between her and Sonny with Kevin. Kevin wonders if she had an ulterior motive, since she knew how Sonny would react.  Connie admits Sonny was happier with Olivia, but she stopped them by stepping in taking Sonny back. 

Olivia checks in on Sonny, and asks what happened with AJ and Connie.  Sonny explains, but says things are not better between him and Connie.  Olivia thinks they need to communicate, but Sonny feels Connie stabbed him in the back. He won’t stand for it from her.  Olivia is angry she stepped away so he could be with Connie, and now they’re still fighting.  Olivia feels she should have stood her ground, and he should have as well. Connie arrives in time to hear everything Olivia said.

Richard explains he wasn’t feeling well at the Ball, and went a little crazy. He begs for forgiveness.  Everyone forgives him, and the wedding moves on.  Mac and Felicia say their vows, and Lucy pronounces them husband and wife. 

Luke figures Liesl perfected the cure, and gave it to Jerry. He warns her to tell him the truth, or he’ll turn her over the WSB.  Dr. Obrecht wonders why Luke is so interested, and realizes he needs the treatment as well.  She admits was developing the cure, but had to stop when Anna and Robert showed up and Faison was captured.  Dr. Obrecht developed a temporary solution, but Jerry died before it was finished. 

Holly and Luke don’t believe her, and Luke feels Jerry is hiding behind the locked door.  He takes Liesl’s keys, and heads down the passageway.  Holly warns Liesl will pay for what happened to Robert.  Liesl had to subdue Robert because he knew too much. 

Anna asks when Britt last saw her mother.  Britt lies, and says she left yesterday.  Dante finds the empty bottle of Propofol, and Anna calls Britt a liar.  She tells Dante to arrest Britt, and Dante does.  Britt feels he should be more compassionate, and declares her mother will not be happy about this. 

Maxie teases Lulu for crying at the wedding, and then announces her water broke.