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Christel Khalil's Agent on Y&R Audition Claim: "There's No Way in Hell That She Went Out on an Audition"

Christel Khalil's real-life battle with Mavrick Artists Agency is better than any storyline The Young and the Restless has going right now. The talent agency has filed a counter suit against the actress, who recently filed a breach of contract suit against them, reports The Wrap.


Earlier this month, The Wrap reported Khalil filed suit against Mavrick, alleging,

In her suit, she accused the agency of stealing funds and not sending her out on a satisfactory number of auditions. She says they even humilated her by sending the actress (left) out for a spot on her own soap opera, where she has worked for the past decade, even winning a Daytime Emmy for the role of Lily Winters Ashby.

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In their counter claim, Mavrick is alleging Khalil owes them money—reportedly $20,000 in additional commission—and that she never went for an audition at Y&R.

"There's no way in hell that she went out on an audition," Sprecher said. "That just couldn’t have happened. Do you think 'Young & the Restless' is so stupid that their casting office would have scheduled such an audition? It wasn't an audition -- it was a submission."

This agency has no idea what it's getting itself into. Khalil's fans will no doubt soon commission a Goodyear Blimp to fly over their headquarters.