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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dr. Chu announces the baby’s heart rate has dropped, and Maxie worries she passed her heart condition on to the baby.  Lulu reminds her the baby isn’t hers biologically, so there’s no way this is her fault. 

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Liz questions Tracy on AJ’s whereabouts, and Tracy guesses he’s drowning his sorrows.  Liz accuses Tracy of enjoying this, but Liz knows AJ has people who care about him. 

Ava finds AJ drinking and joins him. She complains about Connie messing up her life by publishing the truth about Kiki's paternity on the front page.  AJ explains how Carly kept him from Michael, and feels Ava did the same. Ava puts the blame on Connie, and suggests they need to destroy her for ruining their lives.  AJ decides he’s going to take action for once. 

Kiki asks Morgan if he knew in advance she wasn’t a Quartermaine, but Morgan claims he didn’t.  Morgan wonders if she still loves him, and Kiki assures him that she does.  Kiki mentions she hasn’t spoken to Ava, Silas or Franco, since all this came out. She feels she should be the one to tell Franco. 

Franco is awake, and asks Silas about the transplant.  Silas informs Franco he won’t be a donor, because of the cancer cells. Franco’s upset, since he thought this would redeem him in Kiki’s eyes.   He says Ava lied about Kiki, and Silas fires back Ava is still lying. He starts to tell him the truth, but Kiki arrives. 

Carly visits Michael and assumes he’ll happy about the newspaper article. However, Michael tells her Morgan already married Kiki before she could find out the truth.  Carly feels Morgan will feel more pain when Kiki leaves him. 

Olivia and Sonny run into Felicia and Mac at the hospital, and offer their congratulations on the wedding.  Felicia mentions running into Morgan at the courthouse, and Sonny is shocked to hear his son is already married. 

Connie complains to Tracy about her relationship with Sonny, and explains about Olivia getting in the way.  Connie goes on to inform Tracy she and Sonny were interrupted by news of the baby. She knows she can’t compete with that.

Liz asks Michael for help in finding AJ.  She finds AJ at Jake's, and stops him from taking another drink. 

Olivia thinks Sonny should go and talk to Morgan, but Dante tells them there is something wrong with the baby.  Dr. Chu informs everyone the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck, but it’s common. They will watch the baby, and wait to see how things progress before they make any moves.  Dante admits he’s worried.  Sonny agrees parenting can leave you feeling helpless, but Olivia reassures them all will be fine. 

Franco tells Kiki he can’t donate bone marrow for Danny, and swears he wanted to do it to show her he’s a better person.  He questions her when she calls him Franco, since she called him dad before the surgery.  Kiki tells him Ava lied, and he’s not her father.

Carly confronts Morgan, and insists he tell her the truth. She warns things will end badly, and he’ll get hurt.  She wants him to admit he rushed things under false pretenses, so she can help him before the lies destroy everyone. 

Maxie’s worried about the baby, but Lulu reassures her everything will be fine.  Spinelli arrives and does the same.  The monitors start beeping, and everyone worries.  Dr. Chu tells everyone the baby needs to come out now.