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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke and Laura arrive at the hospital, and Sonny gives them a complete update on the baby.  Dr. Chu decides Maxie needs a C-section.  Maxie wants to tell Spinelli something, but is sent off before she can.  Lulu has a moment with her parents before joining Maxie in the surgical room. 

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Liz is upset AJ is giving up after working so hard on his sobriety.  AJ has he lost everything. When Liz counters he hasn’t lost her, he says she’s with Nikolas again.  Liz chose AJ, and swears Nik is just a friend.  Liz wants to take AJ home. 

Tracy explains to Connie about Luke, and her feelings for him. It doesn't matter what he does, her feelings will never change for him. Tracy tells Connie to go after Sonny, but to steer clear of AJ, because he’s really angry with her. 

Franco doesn’t believe Kiki’s claims they aren’t father-daughter, until Ava arrives and admits it’s the truth. Ava tries to appeal to Kiki’s sense of family, but Kiki informs her Morgan, as her husband, is her family now.  Ava is shocked to hear they were married. 

Michael interrupts Carly and Morgan to tell them about AJ, and mentions he needs to find him.  While he searches the mansion, Carly tries to get Morgan to admit the truth, so it doesn’t destroy him. Ultimately, Morgan doesn’t confess a thing.  Morgan heads off to find Kiki, and Carly decides to join Michael on his search for AJ. 

Spinelli is worried about Maxie, but Felicia and Mac reassure him.  When he heads off to watch the surgery, Felicia admits to Mac she’s worried about Maxie. 

Luke tells Sonny about his poisoning, and asks Sonny to keep an eye on Lulu and the baby when he’s not around.  Sonny promises to protect Luke’s family. 

AJ tells Liz he doesn’t need her to take care of him, just like she took care of Jake.  Liz angrily warns him to back off, but he reminds her Jake was mowed down when she wasn’t paying attention.  Liz smacks AJ in the face, and AJ taunts her true feelings are coming out.  Liz accuses him of being cruel. She knows Jake’s death is on her, but what AJ does next will be his responsibility.  She takes his keys, so he can’t mow down anyone tonight. 

Ava tries to make nice with Kiki, who says her life is no longer her mother’s business. She storms out right into Morgan’s arms.  Franco is upset Ava made him believe Kiki was his daughter.  Ava apologizes, but hopes they can remain civil.  Franco grabs her by the neck, and declares she should pray he is a changed man, or he will bring the crazy into her life.

Ava again tries to apologize to Kiki, then asks Morgan to look after her.  Kiki feels bad for Franco, and decides to go back and talk to him. However, when she returns to the room, Franco is nowhere to be found.

AJ gets back to the mansion, and takes a gun out of the safe. 

Spinelli and Dante watch the surgery.  Dante is worried about being a father, because he never had one growing up. He doesn't know how to be a father. Spin assures Dante he’ll make a great father.  The baby is born.

Olivia asks Laura about Luke’s health, but Laura brushes it off.  Dante comes out and informs the three sets of grandparents all is fine, and the baby is born.  Laura is happy they were there for the birth. 

Lulu holds the baby, and announces herself as the mother.  Dante joins her.  Spinelli gives Maxie a thumbs up before leaving the room.  Maxie suddenly crashes.