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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Maxie crashes, and has an out of body experience where she talks to Georgie.  Georgie is there to help Maxie, because she needs to fight for her life.  Maxie is so tired of all the lies. She believes if she dies, Lante can raise their daughter without knowing the truth.  Georgie warns the truth is about to come out. 

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The grandparents discuss all their future plans for their granddaughter.  Olivia brings up the vision of the dog.  Dante mentions Spin being with him, and was happy to have the support.  Lulu tells Luke they thought he was sick, and wonders where he was.  Luke was with Holly, visiting Robert.  Lulu’s happy he’s fine, and able to be there for the birth. 

Cameron talks to Liz about AJ, and how he and Aiden like AJ. They love that he makes Liz smile.  Michael stops by and Liz tells him that she found AJ drinking. She couldn’t stop him, but took his keys.  She tells Michael about the things AJ said about Jake.

Connie overhears Derek leave a message for Ava, and give his real name, Julian.  She asks who Julian is, and he deflects. He claims Julian is an artist he wants to discuss with Ava.  Connie wants his help in getting back in Sonny’s good graces, since it was his fault the article wasn’t pulled.  Derek agrees to help her. 

Spinelli runs into Ellie, and explains about the baby being born. He also tells her Maxie had something to tell him before going into surgery.  Ellie knows what Maxie wanted to tell him, and confesses Maxie was lying about the baby. 

A drunken AJ has a vision Michael visits him, and tells him to end his miserable life.  AJ calls Michael his son, but Sonny arrives in the vision to taunt AJ about giving up Michael.  Then, Connie shows up in the vision to taunt AJ about losing his company in favor of hers. 

Georgie and Maxie come across Ellie about to tell Spinelli the truth, but she gets a call about the donor results and has to leave.  Maxie thinks Spinelli will be fine if she dies, but Georgie points out their parents won’t.  They listen as Mac reassures a worried Felicia.  Felicia admits she couldn’t handle losing Maxie, but Mac knows she’s a fighter. 

Spinelli runs into Lante, and tells them Maxie isn’t in recovery yet.  They aren’t concerned, and offer to have him meet the baby.  Spin is surprised at how much the baby looks like Maxie. 

Michael calls the bar and finds out AJ took a cab home.  Liz apologizes for not staying with him, but Michael understands why she didn’t.  He tells her AJ cares for her, and hopes she’ll give AJ a chance to make things right. 

Derek runs into Olivia and Sonny, and apologizes to Sonny for causing tension between him and Connie.  He informs Sonny it was his call as the publisher to run the story, and asks him to go easy on Connie.  After he leaves, Olivia has a vision of the dog again. 

Alexis and Sam run into Ellie, who tells them a donor has been found. Derek comes across a celebrating Alexis and Sam.  They tell him they found a match, and it’s him. 

Luke tells Laura he needs to leave to find the cure, and she makes him promise to call if he needs her. 

Dante asks Lulu about a name, and she mentions the name Jacqueline. 

Connie accidentally hits a button on Derek’s computer, which opens to the last page he was viewing; Corinthos Coffee’s balance sheet.  She wonders why Derek would be interested in Sonny’s business, and remembers Sonny telling her about the Jerome family.  She plans to call Sonny to tell him, but AJ arrives with the gun. 

Ellie finds Spinelli again, and tells him the baby is not Lulu and Dante’s. She admits the baby is Spinelli's.

Georgie tells Maxie not to abandon everyone who loves her, and then leaves Maxie in the operating room.  She gives Mac and Felicia a kiss.  Dr. Chu comes out with an update on Maxie.