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INTERVIEW: Lyndsy Fonseca Talks Kick Ass 2, Nikita and Memories of Young and Restless' Jeanne Cooper

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 Former The Young and the Restless star Lyndsy Fonseca (ex-Colleen) has kept busy since leaving the fictional town of Genoa City on the CBS Daytime soap. In addition to gearing up for the airing of the fourth and final season of Nikita this fall on The CW, Fonseca is also logging a lot of time on the big screen.

Daytime Confidential recently caught up with the talented and beautiful actress, who was at Comic-Con to promote her new superhero flick  Kick Ass 2. While staying so busy in primetime and film, does Fonseca still have time to keep up with the goings-on at Y&R?

"I am still really good friends with Christel Khalil. She is just such an incredible person," said Fonseca of the actress who portrays the now late Colleen Carlton's BFF. "Thad Luckinbill recurred on Nikita two seasons ago. That was pretty awesome to work with him again. But even with everyone else in the cast, I always think of them and have a lot of love for all of my former Y& R cast members."

Fonseca was saddened to hear the news of Y&R matriarch Jeanne Cooper's death.

"I know everyone says this about her, but she really was freaking awesome," said the actress. "I will always miss her."

Echoing what so many younger stars who have passed through the Y&R set at Television City have said about the late Cooper, Fonseca revealed she thought of the acting legend as quite the role model.

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"There was so much to love about her," she began. "As a young girl on Y&R, I remember really looking up to her and appreciated her honesty. She was so dry and to the point. Instead of people treating me like a little kid, she talked to me like I was an adult. She would give great advice too, with difficult scenes. Like 'you know what, this is *******  tough!' or "Stick to your guns!' I really loved that."

There's a reason why Fonseca can star in a movie called Kick Ass 2. She looked insanely fit at Comic-Con!

"I do a lot of pilates. I love it. My co-star on Nikita, Maggie Q, and I  do all our own fighting and fight choreography on the show," Fonseca revealed. "It's been an incredible learning experience to be thrown into that world, one which I have never done before. I also have a really good stunt double that does all the things I can't do!"


At the panel for Nikita, Fonseca acknowledged  there were a lot of changes for her character this season.

“When we first met Alex, she was in such a delicate place. She has been through a lot, but it’s kind of exciting. We ended last year with the question, 'What does Alex do with her life?' She doesn’t have to hide from anyone. She is a real person, has a public persona…she is going to take advantage of that. I think it’s going to be a tricky balance to do that during the day and play spy at night.”

Photo of Lyndsy Fonseca by PR Photos