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SPOILERS: Will Katherine's Last Request Create Problems for Jill and Nikki on The Young and the Restless?

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Nikki/Katherine/Jill: The socialite is rocked when she gets a letter from the grand dame. Katherine gives Nikki some instructions, which troubles her. It seems Nikki has been trying to avoid something for many years now. However, now because of Katherine’s request Nikki must decide: honor her friend or keep her secret hidden. Nikki forgoes any hesitations she’s had and sticks with Katherine’s wishes, which leads her to a phone number. Nikki goes to Paul for assistance, to find out who the number is registered to. Unfortunately for Nikki, the number is no longer working.

Meanwhile, Jill’s final instructions from Kay leave her confused. Katherine’s letter specifies Jill can have all the things she’s ever held dear, but must know where to search for them.  As Jill tries to figure out exactly what her old rival meant, Nikki arrives and wants to go over plans for Katherine’s memorial. The two work together in order to make sure Kay’s going home service one befitting their friend.  Later, Jill heads to Katherine’s safe feeling the answers will be in there. However, Jill winds up on another journey.

Adam: The blacksheep Newman receives some stunning news that rocks everything in his life.

Chelsea: She is hell bent on doing what’s right for her son.

Jill: She reflects on her complicated relationship with Katherine.

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Katherine: The Duchess’ death rocks Genoa City and her will shakes up some things with her loved ones. Forget Thelma and Louise, Jill and Nikki ride out of town in order to get answers from Katherine’s mystery.

Sharon/Nick/Avery: You can never say, Sharon Collins Newman Abbott Newman Newman doesn’t follow through with her plans. She is driven to stop Nick and Avery’s wedding as the big day approaches. Meanwhile, Sharon is also pulling double duty by keeping Summer’s true paternity under wraps.  Look for Sharon to be her own downfall in her quest to get Nick back. Once the truth comes out, Sharon’s world will never be the same.

Billy/Victoria: The couple has some serious hurdles to overcome in order for their marriage to survive. Victor’s constant interference, along with Billy’s friendship with Chloe and his gambling addictions play a key role in the couple’s happiness. Victoria is not thrilled by Billy and his ex-wife/baby mama being so chummy these days. Watch for a situation surrounding the trio to affect their lives.

Chelsea: Baby Connor’s paternity may hit the fan, after the little guy must see an eye specialist because of his sight.

Dylan: When the war veteran’s PTSD rears its ugly head, expect to see a new Dylan and something he’s trying to keep hidden.

Michael/Lauren/Carmine: The bartender’s revenge plot amps up a notch, causing the department store heiress and the legal maverick to become terrified.

Cane/Lily: The Ashbys are torn apart by the Genoa City blogger, who continues to go after the Winters clan with a vengeance.

Kyle/Summer: The two continue to bond, even though they believe they are related.