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More Details About Brandon Barash and Kirsten Storms' Secret Wedding Surface

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Brandon Barash and Kirsten Storms' secret wedding and the news they are expecting their first child took fans by surprise. Now, more details are coming out about how their wedding came to be. Barash shared with People how everything went down.

We had just left our first baby doctor's appointment, and were riding high. Even though our baby was more in the shape of a pancake with a heartbeat, we were quite jolly. My dad was playing in the World Series of Poker at the time, a lifelong dream, so he and my stepmom were in Vegas for the weekend.

On our walk home – yes, we actually walked in L.A. – we received a text from them that he had been knocked out in the first 45 minutes. He was crushed. Kirsten and I looked at each other and said in unison (a common occurrence with us), "Wanna go to Vegas and get married?!" That was all we needed.

Check out Barash and Storms' story–including how he officially popped the question with a blue raspberry Ring Pop–at People.

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