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Dexter Recap: “Make Your Own Kind of Music"

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Cassie’s weirdo boyfriend is the one who killed her and Zach, and basically everyone else this season.  Yes, he is the Brain Surgeon, but he’s also Dr. Vogel’s (Charlotte Rampling) son!

Dr. Vogel had two children, but when Daniel killed his younger brother, the boy was committed and later presumed dead in a hospital fire.  This pretty much explained why Dr. Vogel would want to nurture psycho-killers, because she felt guilty for her child’s death.

Dexter (MichaelC. Hall) made the connection, and when he told Dr. Vogel, she chose Daniel over her surrogate son.  She wanted a second chance with him, but Dexter still needed to kill Daniel. Now, Dr. Vogel might just become collateral damage. 

Debra’s (Jennifer Carpenter) boss got the U.S. Marshalls involved with the search for Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski), and this helped push her back to the police force.  She and Quinn also realized Daniel was the killer, but now her hands were tied again because of Dexter’s double life.  

Also, Hannah was now living with her, because Dexter was under Marshall protective custody.  Deb could just not catch a break!  However, the top two women in Dexter’s life finally did start to bond. 

Dexter took Zach’s death personally, but it seemed like he was still more concerned about Hannah and ending a serial killer than he was with Zach.  I think it was a mistake to portray things like this, and hope Dexter really gets a chance to grieve in the future. 

All Dexter has ever really wanted was to emotionally connect with someone, and share his secret life with them.  Season after season, he always comes close, but for some reason they leave him.  Usually, because they’re murdered, or go crazy and Dexter’s forced to kill them.  Or, like Harry Lumen or Deb, they just couldn’t face what Dexter was.

Zach was so much like Dexter.  He needed to kill, but wanted to do it honorably (so to speak) and follow The Code.   He and Dexter had a strong bond, and I would have liked to continue to see this relationship nurtured.  I’m really sad it looks like Dexter won’t ever have a companion who truly understands him. 

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