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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Spinelli tells Dante and Lulu he and Ellie were fighting about his baby, but then realizes he can’t tell them the truth. He decides to tell them he and Ellie were arguing, because they are divided on the topic of children. Dante politely asks them to take it elsewhere, as the baby is sleeping.  Lulu advises Ellie not to dismiss the idea of a baby, since everyone should be as lucky as she and Dante are. 

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Sonny finds Connie on the floor.  She tells him she loves him, and is sorry she betrayed him.  He promises they’ll be together forever, but Connie dies. 

As Alexis tells her story, Julian realizes he’s Sam’s father.  Alexis hears Olivia getting upset, and checks on her.  Olivia informs Alexis she’s had a vision, and there is something wrong with Connie.  Alexis offers to drive her to the office. 

AJ stumbles into the mansion to Michael’s surprise.  He wants to know where AJ has been, but AJ passes out.  Ava comes in, and admits she saw AJ drinking at The Floating Rib. She also mentions he was angry with Connie.  Michael worries about AJ taking off again, and Ava tells him to sober him up.  Ava gets a call from Julian, and heads out. 

Sam tells Silas they found a donor match, and explains about Derek.  Silas is thrilled, and Sam asks how soon they can start the procedure.  He needs to run a few tests on Derek first, but it appears Danny caught a good break.   

Ellie questions why Spin didn’t tell Lante the truth about the baby, and he admits it would be difficult to hurt them.  She wonders if he’ll ever tell the truth, and Spin doesn’t know. Currently, he's having a hard time processing the baby being his.  He’s angry with Ellie for putting him in this position, and for not telling him the truth the minute she knew.  Ellie tries to explain herself, and warns keeping this a secret will only hurt him more. Spin tells her to leave him alone. 

Sonny calls 911, and runs back to Connie’s lifeless body. While grieving, he realizes Connie wrote the initials AJ before she died. Sonny swears AJ won’t get away with this. 

Mac tells Lante about Maxie’s complications, and sedation. He admits she had to be put to sleep, because she thought the baby was hers and Spin’s.  Dante gets the call about the shooting, and heads out.  Lulu tells Mac she’s been worried about Maxie's attachment to the baby for a while.

Julian tells Ava he’s a match for Danny, because he’s also the baby’s grandfather. He explains about Alexis' story.  He’s shocked Sam is his daughter.  Sam arrives, and introduces Silas and “Derek”.  Silas snarks at Ava, who says she’s doing business with Derek. Sam remembers seeing her with Derek before.

Silas and Derek make plans to run the tests needed to get the transplant process started.  Sam thanks Derek, and hugs him.  After she leaves, Ava warns Julian not to get close to Sam, or their plans will go up in smoke. 

Michael asks AJ where he was, and declares things aren’t over with them. He knows they can start their own company and rebuild.

Olivia and Alexis arrive at the hotel, and Olivia is upset when she hears Connie has dead.  Dante arrives, and the officers warn him they can’t let Olivia contaminate the crime scene. He tries to calm his mother, and asks about Sonny, since he’s the one who called the incident in.  Alexis warns him Sonny does not handle grief well. 

Dante questions the uniform cop, who says Sonny left. He also shows Dante the bloody “AJ”.

Sonny goes to the mansion, and wakes a drunken AJ.  He calls AJ a spineless bastard, and vows to kill him for murdering Connie.