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Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”

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Travis' testimony led to Ashley's release and directed the police towards the likely culprit — CeCe.  Thankfully, the mystery of “Who Shot Wilden?” looked solved. This spurred a vindictive "A" to lead the girls to Ravenswood. 

"A" then terrorized the girls and nearly killed Emily (Shay Mitchell), before her friends rescued her. The girls were also attacked by two Red Coats, one of whom was CeCe. 

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After Aria (Lucy Hale) and CeCe scuffled, it appeared the blonde baddie fell to her death. When the Liars went back to the body, it was gone. The second Red Coat led Spencer (Torian Bellisario) to A’s lair, which implied "A" might be a man. Also, "A" was running some shady corporation that’s been bankrolling CeCe. 

The girls also bumped into Mrs. Grunwald in the eerie town. She revealed Alison was alive! Mrs. Grunwald had rescued her from a shallow grave the night of her “murder,” but she vanished right after. 

So who was the body the cops found in Alison’s grave?  The frequently hinted at long-lost identical twin?  With Rosewood cops, it’s hard to tell if they ever even do identity checks on all the corpses popping up. 

Alison wanted to stay dead because some stalker guy was after her. The stalker was hoping the girls would lead him to Alison. Mrs. Grunwald said they needed to stop all this Alison/A/Red Coat stuff for all their sakes. 


In couples news, Spencer and Toby made up, after Toby vowed to let his mother rest in peace. Aria and Jake drifted apart, which led to a reunion between her and Ezra. Caleb left town in hopes of helping Hanna (Ashley Benson), who grew closer to Travis. Paige and Emily seemed cool, except that Paige wasn’t thrilled Emily helped Mona when "A" threatened her. 

The girls decided to stay in Ravenswood for a costume ball.  "A" was lurking nearby, then went to their lair. When the hoodie came down, it was an enraged Ezra!  Is Ezra really "A," or was he just snooping to try and protect Aria?

Knowing this show, Ezra’s probably really not a part of the A team, just like Toby wasn’t.  Also, I’m not rooting for any romantic ships on this show ever again. If by some chance he really is "A," it’s just too skeevy how all the girls are always getting used by their romantic partners. Yuck. 

Elsewhere, Jenna’s blind again. Shana and Wren have a connection. Wren moved to London and was back with Melissa, and Mona may be working with all of them again. 

Until the winter premiere, Pretty Little Liars fans!

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