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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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A thrilled Laura visits Lulu and her new granddaughter.  Scotty arrives, and Laura wonders where he’s been.  Scotty went with Lucy to check out a wellness spa, and is upset with Laura for chasing after Luke.  Scotty wants a divorce. 

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Tracy leaves an emotional voicemail for Luke, because she thinks he may already be dead. Suddenly, Luke shows up in her living room.  He congratulates her on being back in charge of ELQ.  She’s angry with him for leaving like he did, and not calling her.  Luke explains about the connection to Jerry, and admits he has to leave again. However, he needed to see her first.  He hopes she can put aside her feelings just this once.  Luke kisses Tracy before leaving.

Patrick and Sabrina are surprised when Felix tells them what happened with Britt and her mother. Patrick is upset because he doesn’t want his son born in prison, and heads off to the station. 

Britt spent the night at Windermere, thanks to Nikolas for springing her from jail.  He’s happy she’s his friend, but wants the truth from her.  Britt tells him Anna thinks she was conspiring with her mother. She also admits to Nikolas she lied to Anna about when she’d last seen her mother.  Britt wanted her mother to get away, because she’s been guiding Britt through the pregnancy.  Nik asks for clarification on the pregnancy, but he gets a call from Lulu and heads out.

Michael tells Liz that AJ spent the night at the station on suspicion of murdering Connie.  He explains how Sonny went after AJ, but he managed to stop his father.  Liz can’t believe it, but she remembers AJ telling her that he was angry enough to kill Connie. 

Dante and Anna are interrogating a confused AJ, who claims he doesn’t remember anything.  Anna asks if AJ murdered Connie.  Dante reads off a list of AJ’s sins, and Anna warns him to calm down.  He asks about a gun, and AJ admits Tracy has one she keeps locked in the safe. 

Dante heads out to the mansion, while Anna tells AJ he can make things easier for himself.  AJ remembers opening the safe, but denies any further memories. He wants to talk to Diane immediately. 

Laura is shocked at Scotty, and swears she only went to find Luke, because he needed her help. She stresses to Scotty she chose him.  Scotty feels Luke always comes first, but Laura denies it.  Scott believes she can’t love him like he loves her, and he’s letting her go.     

Patrick gets to the station, and Anna tells him that she brought Britt in, but Nik had her released. She advises Patrick to check with Nik. 

Nik runs into Liz, who explains what happened with Connie and AJ.  Liz doesn’t believe it’s possible, even though Nik reminds her AJ threatened Connie. 

Luke finds Laura at the hospital.  She’s supposed to be back in France having her health re-evaluated.  Luke realizes she postponed it to help him, and wants her to go to make sure she's okay. Laura tells Lulu, who insists her mother go get tested. Laura agrees to leave as soon as possible.  Luke thanks her for her help. 

Once Laura leaves, Lulu questions why Luke didn’t tell her that he was dying.  Luke explains the whole story, and Lulu figures he’s going after Jerry.  Lulu knows it was hard for Laura to leave, and understands it wasn’t her mother’s fault she was sick.  Lulu says Luke has always been there for her when she needed him to be, and she needs for him to keep showing up.  Unfortunately, Luke can’t make any promises.

Dante goes to the mansion, and asks Tracy if she has a gun.  She does, and has a license for it.  Dante asks to see it, so Tracy opens the safe and finds it missing.  Tracy wonders what AJ is up to, and Dante tells her the gun was used to kill Connie. 

Britt is surprised when Patrick shows up at Windermere.  He knows what she and her mother have been up to. 

Michael visits with AJ, and tells him Diane is on her way.  AJ remembers taking the gun from the safe, and confesses he thinks he did it.