SPOILERS: Is Chelsea's House of Lies About to Crumble on The Young and the Restless?

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Nina/Paul/Cricket: Prompted by Kay's letter, Nina decides to forgive Paul. Will Cricket read a close moment between the exes the wrong way?


Danny: His song to Kay moves everyone to tears.

Jill: The former nail salon girl, recalls her stormy history with the lady of the manor.

Adam/Chelsea/Dylan: The Newman black sheep learns the truth. Will Chelsea be forced to break Dylan’s heart?

Sharon/Nick/Avery: As the Newman playboy wedding day to the cupcake-baking, legal ace arrives, Sharon is still bound and determined to make sure they never say, “I do”.

Nikki/Paul: The socialite opens up to her old pal about Katherine's letter.

Cane/Lily/Hilary: The Ashbys quest to stop the vixen hits a snag.