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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Britt tells Patrick the baby isn’t his, but Patrick calls her a liar and brings up the paternity test.  Britt admits the test was faked, and her mother helped her.  Britt was devastated when Patrick dumped her, and Dr. Obrecht suggested she have a child to bring them together.  Britt claims she loved Patrick, and wanted him to love her back.  Patrick demands to know the real father's identity.

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AJ tells Michael he remembers taking the gun from the safe, and feels he needs to confess.  Diane arrives in time to tell him one never confesses to anything, and Tracy’s missing gun isn’t necessarily the gun that killed Connie.  Diane tells Michael to leave, so he can’t be called as a witness.  AJ is thrilled when Michael calls him "Dad".

Dante’s back at the hospital, and tells Lulu that Connie was murdered and Sonny found her.  Lulu remembers working for Connie, and understands she had a short, hard life.  Lulu wonders if Maxie knows, and feels she should be told. 

A nurse asks if Maxie is the baby’s mother, and Maxie admits she is.  When the nurse asks about breastfeeding, Maxie is ready to do it, until Spinelli interrupts. He takes Maxie back to her room.

Kiki complains to Morgan about her mother being a liar.  Ava shows up and informs them the cops picked up AJ for Connie’s murder, and are looking for the weapon.  Morgan decides he needs to go see Sonny, so Kiki opts to visit Franco in the hospital. 

After Kiki leaves, Ava is angry with Morgan for rushing into the wedding without telling her.  Morgan knew he had to marry Kiki before she saw the newspaper and chose Michael.  He admits he pretended he didn’t know the truth in advance.  He believes his marriage is safe, but Ava might tell Kiki the truth to try and repair their relationship.  Morgan panics and begs her not to tell Kiki.  Ava promises not to say anything, but only if he does something for her.  She puts her hand on his knee.  Morgan gives Ava his word, and she taunts he owes her one.

Kiki shows up at the station to offer Michael support.  She admits she lied to Morgan about where she was going, and asks if AJ did it.  Michael hopes AJ didn’t do it, but knows he had been drinking a lot.  Michael is worried about AJ. 

Diane asks what AJ remembers.  He remembers taking the gun and going to Connie’s office, and feeling very angry with her. However, he doesn’t remember pulling the trigger.  Diane tells him the evidence is circumstantial, and they don’t even have the weapon. 

Dante and Lulu head to the nursery to see the baby, and find the nurse feeding her a bottle.  They are upset with her, and explain they are the parents.  The nurse explains Maxie said she was the mother, and was going to breastfeed.  Dante tells her no one is allowed in the room other than them. 

Maxie begs Spinelli not to tell Lante she was going to feed the baby.  Spin admits Ellie told him the truth about their baby.  He wants her to make him understand how she could let Lulu and Dante fall in love with a baby that isn’t theirs. Maxie wanted to give Lante a baby, but her first instinct was to tell Spin the truth.  She mentions Ellie had forgiven him, and she couldn’t ruin what they had.  Maxie lied to Lante, because no one was supposed to know the truth. Suddenly, Lulu and Dante storm into the room.

As Morgan is leaving the boathouse to visit Sonny, he spots a gun in the bushes.